Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Foes of Liberty & Justice For All

This, folks, is what the bigots have for propaganda to undo marriage equality in California. It's really hard not to be snarky. Thoughts please!


  1. I'm a little confused... was that green scaly thing at 0:21 a Homo or a Lesbo?

    And were the primates at the end an Honest-To-God same sex couple???

    This is almost too disturbing to take seriously, except that so many will.

    Especially with that sappy C&W musac track.

    Where again did SG1 recommend sending our direct financial support? I'm not quite broke enough yet.

  2. Well, initially, SG1 suggested that I send a contribution directly to Equality California, which I did. But that one place she knew of at the time. Human RIghts Campaign is also good. It's all going to the same place.

    I know, isn't everything about that video appealing to just the right elements in the society. Preying on the fears and insecurities of young families with children. Because, how could they ever accept the idea that same-sex people have the same rights they enjoy? And god forbid one of their children should fall prey to a nasty gay person who may corrupt them. Ugh. I know just the types. Sorry to say I work with several of them.

  3. I'm so f'ing angry right now!!

    "I can only imagine" my ass!
    I can only imagine that every time I think I've truly seen hateful and stupid here it comes again.

    I just sent more $$$ to HRC.

    Earlier today I put the No to Prop 8 video and web site at the top of my sidebar

    I'm so freaking angry!!

  4. Are they really showing this on TV?

    If so, they certainly can't pretend they aren't a sectarian effort! (Although the JESUS that I "can only imagine" says nothing against same-sex marriage, and a LOT about his preference for "the least of these" (and those considered more "sinful" than the rest. As if!)

    A revolting load of cr*p.

  5. When I saw the pic of the monkeys - with the caption 'let's vote together' ... I snorted coffee. Yea, band together like a bunch of monkeys and follow the alpha no matter what. (sorry - better watch my kharma!)

    To me, watching the video made me think the opposite of what they intended... example: It reminded me that I already despise the prevalence of "Adoption to Christian families only" agencies... if the idiots were really concerned about the children, and not about forced (fake) conversion to their religion, they would support any adoption to any good family, regardless of religious affiliation. Isn't this the same as holding someone for ransom - do as we say, or you can't have?

    There's enough HATE in this world, let's have more love. Sound too blasphemous? Ok, how about, if God is all-powerful and all-knowing, then why not consider the possibility that he has looked upon the destruction we've wrought with our rampant over-population, and decided to do something about it. How about no breeding? But wait. God loves us, right? Does he want us to not love someone, not have a family - no. It's what we are made for - how He created us. Why is it beyond comprehension that He is capable of seeing the need for, and CREATING, non-breeding pairs of humans - same-sex couple who find happiness in another, and form solid stable families to take in some of the lost children of the irresponsible breeders? Seems like a wise decision to me.

  6. Those eyes of the serpent really threw me.

    And gee, they are really concerned with possible law suits, aren't they?

    It's almost impossible to believe that anyone could watch this and take it seriously. But as CR said, so many will. There are just so many people out there who don't seem capable of rational thought. I guess they know their audience and how to appeal to them.

  7. A song with "Jesus" throughout, and photos of couples...that'll do it!

    Didn't I hear that some primates do have homo-sexual sex? Why does this even need to be connected to church and values? Why does anyone care?

    Some people fear change. Any new idea or way of life, to be accepted, scares them.

    And, it is all about money too. It's always about money.

  8. I was reading Connie's comment and it reminded me that I wanted to make one more point in my yesterday comment. I forgot because my eyes were bleeding for having watched the video.

    2 things about Catholic Charities

    1 - I was 17 and pregnant. The baby's father is black, I am white. We marry and live together for 3 years. We divorce. I am now a 20 year old working 2 jobs, school at nite alone with a 3 year old. My ignorant brain washed by the church Mother asks Catholic Charities (without my knowledge) if they can help me. I assume she thought daycare or such. Priest/counselor shows up at my door (uninvited). Sees my beautiful child running around in all his Afro'd glory and tries to tell me I should give him up for adoption. He will be better "with his own people". I threw his ass out of my home.

    2 - Against all the screaming voices in my head I sign up to be a mentor for a group that I then realize is under the CC umbrella. I am assigned a child and we are together for almost 2 years. I don't go to many of the official activities so it takes the 2 years for me to discover that they routinely refer to potential mentors as "probably a fag".

  9. And what's with the snow on the apes??? Are they gay??? I'm confused too, CR and sad, angry and annoyed. I know how they see themselves as threatened but to go to such lengths to deny others the rights they enjoy. It's soooooooooo unreasonable!

    Dianne: Oh, thank you for donating!! Thank you. You are one proud and righteous and beautiful woman. I'm so glad you're out there! (hugs) Oh, darlin' you don't blood coming out of your eyes and dripping on your beautiful purple cast!! (I'm so very much thinking of you and anxious for your recovery).

  10. jcf: the video is a bit long for a TV add, yes? I'm not sure where it is being shown, truthfully. Probably fund-raisers. Ugh.

    If these people really cared about children (did you all the cute, healthy, chubby white babies?) they wouldn't be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to pass Prop 8. They would be donating the money to organizations that help kids. Fucked up priorities, mis-guided, mis-informed,theocratic, relentlessly foolish,
    fearful, thinly if at all disguised hatred...what have I left out?

    Connie: wow. your comment packs a very powerful punch. You have a great voice. I agree with everything you said. Everything. We're so much on the same wavelength about "if they really cared about kids, they..."

    Did anyone read yesterday that Steven Spielberg donated a hundred grand to oppose Prop 8? I thought that was great; right on the heels of Brad Pitt. I'm not usually this complimentary to celebrities but it does make you see people in a different light when you see that the causes they care about are yours too. Really makes such an important argument for how marriage equality affects such a wide spectrum of people in all socio-economic levels, races, cultures, religions. These religous ding-dongs need to get over themselves and get used to it: GLBTQ people are among us. HELLO!!!!

    :-) Sorry.

  11. Dianne (again) Wow. Now. This. Is. Madness. I can't get over what that man said to you. That is feudal.

    I have relatives in Portugal who lived, worked, married and started families in Monzambique, which was run by the Portuguese until they were kicked out, amen. I love my relatives dearly but it makes my girls and I queezy to know what racists they are. They rarely say anything anymore because others in the family have also been offended (my father used to have to leave the room to go blow a gasket whenever they started their talk about racial issues). All of that to say that even they I suspect strongly would not suggest to any mother that she part with her child. Unfuckingreal.

  12. Alida Thorpe: your pictures took my breath away. I'm looking forward to returning.

    And thanks for your comment and support on this issue.

    Bobbie: fear is a great motivator, isn't it?


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