Friday, January 8, 2010

The Friday Evening Nudes

Welcome to the January 8 edition of The Friday Evening Nudes. Stoke the fire and enjoy. Oh, don't forget to click the images for extra-voluptuousness.

Romaine Brooks

 Zinaida Serebriakova 

At this moment, there is only one request for a nude, from Cloudia for Gypsy, but I could not find one without clothes!  ;-)  Nonetheless it is a splendid painting. Rousseau is one of my favorite painters since childhood.

The Sleeping Gypsy,
Henri Rousseau

This is, after all, the Friday Evening Nudes, so here is another beauty from Rousseau

Hmmmmm...   :-)

 Self-Portrait as a Soldier

Ernst Ludwig Kirschner

The Spirit of the Dead 

(oh, even the name sends tingles up my spine! ;-)

And in case you missed this in the post A Call for Nudes, this link throws a sort of feminine spin on Gaugin's women.

Gaugin's Postcards from Polynesia

The one below is not a request but a dedication to my partner; my best friend WP (you are running neck in neck with Queen Lentil Bean as a best friend. And that's saying a lot!)
You appreciate Frida more than anyone I've ever known.
I heart you.

dejeuner herbe 
(This work spun up a lot of controversy in its time and is now considered Manet's best work)

I have nothing further than to wish you a good weekend, a safe journey somewhere in the mind and don't neglect your heart.

Pagan Sphinx

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sky Watch Friday

The pink of the sunrise reflects what we can see of the river from our doorstep. And that is exactly where I was standing on that frosty morning in December. My last SkyWatch shot of last year.

Photographs of international skies can be savored by clicking here and looking for the list of entries

Whatever sky you're looking at, may peace be with you and with yours, whererever you can find it.

Pagan Sphinx

A Call for Nudes

Does anyone have anything to submit for tomorrow's Evening Nudes? Calling one and calling all.  And please, don't anyone mention Olympia. ;-)

Oh, and this little bit for you to consider

Gauguin's Postcards: The naked truth about women in Polynesia by Sarah Unger

What's Goin On

SG2 home for holiday break

Good news from Boston:  my daughter, SG2 (21), a junior at BU, majoring in journalism was offered a paid internship at The Boston Globe, working the city desk. She had mixed feelings about it when trying to make the decision of whether or not to accept it and after her first day (yesterday) she's feeling even more insecure about her ability to handle such a fast-paced news environment. I'm trying to counsel and guide her, as I'm sure her dad is.

She was in tears today, which always wrecks me! Help me out and send good vibes out to my girl, okay?

All the love,
Pagan Sphinx

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Reply to Giovanfrancesco's Comment

 If your profile were not private, I would have exposed you. But you wouldn't  dare leave a comment like that while maintaining any kind of visibility because mysogynists are always cowards.

So in response to your revolting opinion and word choices regarding the poem by Margaret Atwood, I quote the last two words of it:

Get stuffed

Monday, January 4, 2010

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Retrospective

 Mary hosts Ruby Tuesday weekly from her blog Work of the Poet

click images for better viewing

My front yard, overlooking the Connecticut River
western Massachusetts

Portrait of Barak Obama
by a five-year-old   
(cute, huh?)

Old Barn
Sunderland, Massachusetts

My Buddy Omar 
(friends' dog)


Tulips around the maple tree in my yard

Old Strubridge Village Doorway
Strubridge, Massachusetts


Asian Lily in my yard

Millions of Bicycles
Barcelona, Spain

Zona Oeste, Portugal

Lawn Ornament
Nova Scotia 


Our favorite local orchard
South Deerfield, Massachusetts

Leaves in a fountain
Boston, Massachusetts

LP's Birthday Pie
(it's raspberry-blueberry, in case you're wondering)  ;-)


Sinister Clowns
photograph from Mass MoCA
North Adams, Massachusetts

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pagan Sphinx Entertainment Highlight and Music for Sunday

 First, a young Jeff Bridges (with Cybil Shepard and others) in the great 1971 film The Last Picture Show

 And then as The Dude in The Big Lebowski (a Coen Brothers film) with music by Kenny Rogers and The First Edition (that's the "music for Sunday" part.  ;-)

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