Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brazil Classics

Of the various attempts to ward off a bad mood with music; I've finally decided on this.

These three songs (I'm too lazy to name them) are from a compilation that you may have heard of called Brazil Classics; a collection of Brazilian pop songs compiled by David Byrne.

More random art and links later. Maybe.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Artist of the Week


Marie Laurencin
October 31, 1883–June 8, 1956

Woman With a Beret
Portrait of Mlle Chanel


What's with Robert Gates as possible Defense Secretary all about? If this is bipartisan, I don't like it. Isn't he one of the people responsible for perpetuating the Iraqi Occupation? Wouldn't one assume that he supports "the surge"? Didn't Obama promise us that he would withdraw troops from Iraq over the course of sixteen months? WTF?

If this news came before Hillary's name hit the transition team rumor mill, I may be more restrained and assume that it's just a rumor.

Speaking of Hillary Clinton. I would be quite pleased if she were the next Secretary of State. But it's looking like Bill's dealings may cost her the opportunity. Scandalous Bill. tsk

Ruby Tuesday

Carousel in Boston Commons

Visit Mary at Work of the Poet for more Ruby shots.
Tell her I sent you!

Monday, November 17, 2008

A Blog Award and A Survey

I am the recipient of this one Marie Antoinette Award because, according to Diva Jood, who bestowed it upon me, I tell the truth and she adores me. Or something like that. I guess I manage well enough with the truth by obviously leaving a lot of things out of my posts. I'm glad you like me anyway. ;-) And thank you.

Here are my picks for The Marie Antoinette Award:

DCup: Truth serum runs through her veins and I always want to give her one of these blog awards but someone always beats me to it. Probably as I type this, someone already has. But such is the nature of these things, I guess.

Linda at Vulture Peak Muse: You cannot come across as sincerely as Linda if you're not telling the truth. It's as simple as that.

Kelly at American As Seen By Kelly: She doesn't lie and she gives great gifts (see the post below).

Steve at Color Sweet Tooth: Even if Steve didn't tell the truth, his little frog and co-blogger, Grenouille would set the record straight for him.

Sylvia: I love her posts and her photos and if she is ever accused of treason, I will defend her to the end!

Kenju: She's no B/S and tells it like it is!

Now for the survey. It sort of fits with the theme of this post as I want you to tell me the truth about this. Those of you who visit here often have seen that little Hipcast Jukebox on some of posts. Well, it actually plays music when you click on it. What I want to know is, do you ever actually listen to the music? The reason I want to know is because it costs money and if no one listens to it, then I will cancel the subscription and go with the more visual (for better or worse) You Tube.

Look What I Got In The Mail!

This is from the generous and thoughtful Kelly. She runs these little contests where if you are the second or whatever commenter, she sends you a gift in the mail. I love this - it makes a perfect book end for my art books. Thank you so much, Kelly.

In the same spirit of Paying It Forward, I would love to send something cool to the third commenter. You will have to trust me with your snail mail address.

Monochrome Monday

The River on a Rainy Day
For Monochrome Monday, November 17

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Protest of Prop 8

Nationwide Protest of the passage of Prop H8 (California)

In Northampton, Massachusetts

Supergirl One and The Beloved

Marriage Equals Love

The Cunning Runt
with his impressive scope
(Check his post and photos of this event)

Brown vs. Board, 1954
I love the look on this young woman's face.

Post-rally dinner at "the Thai place"

The girls were featured in an article in a local paper. I'd rather not link to it here but if you're a regular Bloggie here and you're interested in reading it, let me know.

Shadow Shot Sunday

click on logo to visit Hey, Harriet of Australia. She's the sponsor of Shadow Shot Sunday.

~~ Thanks, Harriet, I love this photo meme ~~

Prayer Flags

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Northampton Prop 8 Protest

Northampton Prop 8 Protest

It's Only Love

It's Only Love
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Lines and Colors
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Emily Dickinson - The Belle of Amherst

Emily Dickinson - The Belle of Amherst
"When the Amherst sphinx styled herself a pagan, she meant she didn’t believe in the biblical God. What sort of deity, if any, she did believe in is hard to pinpoint."
-- Gary Sloan, "Emily Dickinson: Pagan Sphinx,"

National Protest Against Prop 8

National Protest Against Prop 8

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My Daughters

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