Sunday, November 28, 2010

Blogging Notes

Comments on Art Posts

I want to share with you my feelings about comments on my art posts. This isn't meant to be taken by anyone personally, of my regular readers because I think you mostly are able to read through the lines and figure out a little bit about how I think and how I blog. Occasionally, I'll get really depressed over "drive-by" commenting. I get very few of those on "regular" Pagan Sphinx posts. But when I participate in photo "memes", which I love to do and post them to this blog because they relate to art or art history, I get the occasional "I don't like it" comment. Or the occasional " this is great". I want people to tell me why. Is that selfish of me? If you hate it, say why! That offends me much less, if you get my drift. I'll admit that my feeling is that if you're gonna leave a "drive-by" comment, the least you can do is be nice.  ;-)  If you can't be nice, click off! In the rare instance where blogging brings me somewhere I don't want to be, I click off. Isn't that the beauty of the electronic age social networks? 

What Does "Say why" Mean?

Whatever you want it to say!  I'm not a high-brow type! I know as much about art as a bright tenth grader!  :-)
Trust your immediate reaction and tell me why! If what you feel It's disgust, say it. If you are shocked, good! If you love that little splotch of globbie red with black outlines in the corner of the canvas, perfect.

 Any painting is an invitation to look. Two seconds or two hours. We can each decide for ourselves.

Give it a try with this work. I'll go first:  I like several details such as the manufactured tear from the eye and the "bowling pin" leg on the chair but trying to put it all together is a bit of a challenge!  :-)  The turquoise and red frame with the inner yellow is pretty. It has a primitive look. I wondered if Picasso liked this. :-)

Pagan Sphinx Blog Design

A friend of the blog recently sent me a message that she finds the font colors and backgrounds hard to read. I'd like to know if anyone else is experiencing this. I've had more than a couple of complaints about the comments window format, but this is a first for the blog colors. If you have any suggestions for improving this, please let me know.

And speaking of the comments box, which do you prefer:  the embedded or the pop-up versions?

And so as not to leave abruptly, I hope you are having a good Sunday. It's clear and very chilly here. I'm going for a walk and coming in to have turkey soup for lunch.  I'm not much of a cook but I love to make soup and stew in the winter!

Love and Peace,
Pagan Sphinx


  1. Pagan... as the friend with color/eye issues, thank you for asking others if they have the same difficulty. I fear it could be my eyes. I appreciate being called friend, as I believe you to be with me (hug) and love what you do on the page. To answer the other concern of drive by comments, be specific. I think you show a depth of love for art and your subjects that is wonderful to behold. Your comments always add to my appreciation of your subject. I could not do what you do, and rely on your blog as a fun way to learn more. Because I am no longer free to travel as I once was, I rather live vicariously through your travels. I particularly enjoyed the Edward Hopper and whenever I see his work I think of your page. I believe I saw his work in Williamstown a few years ago. Do you recall if it was there? Losing memory sucks! Good work today on this post. Hope it helps. G

  2. Well, then dear G, it's settled! I'll try black. Let me know if that helps. If not, I want you to be able to see well here, it doesn't matter the reason! A hug for you and Bill. I'm glad you got to Amherst this summer to visit Emily Dickinson's house. I haven't had time to visit there this fall but once there is snow on the ground, I should like to photograph some tree shadows there!

  3. Hmm. I know I am sometimes guilty of drive by comments (positive only). My thinking is that the blogger might want to know that I was there and read the post even if I don't have a lot to say or if I'm in a hurry doing catch up on a lot of blogs.
    I have a hard time reading blogs that have patterns in back of the words.
    I don't remember what happens when I comment here, but I don't like it if the the screen changes and I think I'm all done only to discover that I have to enter a funny non-word. Those who want a funny non word should have it out there when the comment is being typed. I think my comments have sometimes been lost because I don't notice that I have to go back and scroll down. That said, I'm so clueless that my blog could be that way, even tho I'm pretty sure I changed the settings a while back so it is not!
    Take care.

  4. Hi, I didn't take anything personally or mean anything bad. Just wanted to say why I sometimes leave short comments on blogs that I read.
    If I disagree with the person sometimes I will say so but I try to explain and still be nice.

  5. I think Paul Klee was a genius who understood that to paint like a child you have to go all the way to the end and see the beginning from a perspective of wisdom. What's the sound of one leg dancing?

  6. This is the best blog in the universe as it incorporates art that I love, Hopper, Klee, the Surreralists, the Ultra Realist, The Un realists, the Kindarealist, The Sandarealists, the ReallyRealRealist, well you get my drift, Really, WP


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