Tuesday, September 29, 2009

War, What is it Good For?

I'm so sick of death and destruction and the gearing up even more of it. People, we have to say no to Obama on the (what is it) 40,000 Americans he is asking to fight in Afghanistan, where the Soviets got their asses handed to them for nine years and where, if our country goes there, we will remain for a decade until what? What's going to happen during this new war period? To us. To our healthcare system, our schools, our sanity and our pride. And how the hell are we ever going to get out?

This song proves that some things will never change.


  1. Its not just war I'm tired of but the insistent embrace of doom and gloom and the world is coming to end.

    The best way I can describe this feeling of mine is that not a week goes by on the freaking History Channel without some program about doomsday, Nostradamus, or Bible prophesy. Add to that the usual suspects all across the world doing their level best to kill and destroy not just political or religious opponents but trying to kill the planet with pollution and/or abuse of natural resources.

    Getting back to your point about war I work around a majority of people who have never served in the military much less actually fought in a war but watch the Military channel like they listen to a Sunday sermon and wistfully talk about what "we should do to Iran or North Korea".

    This goes beyond never changing human nature but a seemly strong desire to become extinct.

    Sorry for the rant.

  2. interstinger & interestinger

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  3. Ach anyone thinking that we can win in Afghanistan should look up William George Elphinstone and William Brydon. Britain got its arse handed to it in the 19th Century in Afghanistan

  4. No, we will never "win" in Afghanistan. No more than we "won" anything in Viet Nam or in Iraq.

    Did you notice Luckovich's cartoon on my sidebar? Obama needs to study it.

  5. And Russia, their neighbor, fer Chrissake, who didn't have to ship every man and bullet half-way around the world just to get started on this fool's errand.

    It seems it's entirely out of his hands, even though he's our titular "Commander In Chief." People go into that office believing they'll be in charge, but most realize quickly that the machine is larger than the Presidency.

  6. CR: I don't believe that this particular issue is entirely out of the president's hands at all. There are many things that he can't change, but he can listen to others' opinions on Afghanistan, including his vice-president Joe Biden, among others. He doesn't have to listen exclusively to the generals.

    Further, I agree that he's in a bind. But I'm not sure that that many troops is the way to solve the problems in Afghanistan.

    BB: Daily, I have to go teach at a school that doesn't get enough funding, to do a job that I get paid practically stipend wages for. I wonder sometimes if depriving the kids of a decent education isn't somehow a part of this plan of extinction you describe our civilization seems to be hell-bent on.

    You can rant here anytime.

    Bobbie and Jams: good points

    Cloudia: :-)


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