Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Day In Pictures

We left home at around 11:30 for brunch. As I walked to the car, I took this picture. We didn't bother to rake this year. I guess we go in for that forested look. Actually we're just lazy about stuff like that. We both work hard and we like to have fun when we can.

Took a walk around our local reservoir, which includes Lake Pleasant
This is a photo of the road that leads to the lake.

WP pointed out this unusual tree to me. It looks like it's in the conifer family but we don't know of any others like it around here.

Lake Pleasant

Green pond is iced over

and I can see my bedroom again! I was a good housefrau and removed the many items off the floor and vacuumed with the antique Electrolux. The T. Rex of vacuums!

It was a quiet, very cold, very peaceful day. Odd not to have chicks around. In our case four daughters.


  1. Beautiful photos, peaceful, lovely! Like the carpet, too! I'm glad you enjoyed the day, we all deserve that now and then at least!

  2. the leaves actually are very good mulch for your lawn. i don't know how many you have but if you decide you don't like them- compost them! :) you live in a little slice of heaven :)

  3. do you like poetry? if you do- i love this site

  4. Bet: at least one of our neighbors complains about the fact that we don't rake. But we try not hold that against her. WP's mom is also quite annoyed by it, but she's lately taken to ending her sadness over it by concluding that life is too short to worry about the lawn. So, I think we're having an impact on her. ;-)

  5. I love poetry but I have to jump start my reading of it occasionally. Lately I've read no poetry. For three or more months. I'll have a look at the site you recommend. :-)

    I hope you're having a good weekend.

    Sylvia: I love the rug. WP has a great rug collection. I'll have to photograph them some time and post. How is your weekend?

  6. Lovely photos, my dearest Sphinx. The leaves are a pain are they not?

    Poetry? Who has the time for it?!

  7. Beautiful photos! Regarding the raking, I went and raked up our leaves, then the city decided not to collect them. Why bother? They'll sit under the snow until spring, if I'm lucky. The Electrolux is truly the vacuum of choice. My grandmother had one that lasted decades. She used it from my earliest recollection until she was no longer able to use it. I wish I had that vacuum. It would probably work for several decades more.

    If your neighbors are complaining about your leaves, screw them. I know, easier said than done, but really, they need to get a life.

  8. That shot of the road leading to the lake is spectacular. I wish I had a road like that near here, just so I could look at it.

  9. I am green with envy( pun intended). I am aching for a forest of trees. L.A. is devoid of them. Your pictures are gorgeous and your day looks like a beautiful one.

  10. Wonderful pictures - every one of them.

  11. What lovely photos with beautiful writings to accompany them! Sounds like you had a fun day. I love your oriental rug! I have several that are similar, but what I enjoy so much about all of them, is that they are all different and unique and all so beautiful (kind of like each of us!)

    Also, I love your picture of the beautiful "newlyweds" on your sidebar! I don't remember seeing this in the wedding photos that you posted (don't know if you even posted it). Are they on a tarmac? Forgive me if you've already posted and written about this and I happened to overlook it. Anyway, I'm glad you have it up on the top of your sidebar! They are both so gorgeous!!

  12. Betmo: you have freed us with your mulch information! I thought of that but a neighbor told me the leaves "wreck" your lawn over the winter if you leave them. Must be a neighborhood ploy to get us to rake! ;-)

    Sylvia, JCF & Kelly: WP has some very cool rugs. This is one of my favorites. The downside is that this is an old house and the dust is unbelievable.

    PM: Ha! ;-)

    Ed: Long live the Electrolux. It's 30 years old, WP told me. Heavier than hell but it does the trick.

    The neighbor who complains about the leaves has been calling the Environmental Police. We just talked to the guy and he was headed to her house to "calm her down". No, not over our leaves but because she saw someone digging down by the river. She's always up to somethin'

    Kelly: the girls are at a wide crosswalk outside of San Francisco City Hall. It is a dramatic photo, isn't it? I love it.

    Thank you for compliment. They did look so beautiful and so in love.

    La Belette Rouge: Welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. I have never been to LA but the next time we go to SF, I'd love to drive south and check it out. It's such a mythical place. Hollywood and all. I want to see and experience it for myself.

    Bobbie, thanks. I'm going to go over and check out your SS in a moment. :-)


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