Monday, December 22, 2008

I took this photo through my kitchen window yesterday morning.

My dear friends,

I wasn't able to post this yesterday and express my sincerest wishes to you for a holiday filled with health, happiness and inner peace.

You've all come to mean a lot to me since I began this blog in February. I was unprepared for the level of interest and support I've received from you regarding so many things that matter to me. I'm grateful to those of you I've become "close" to through the blog as well as those who pass through occasionally and leave kind remarks or comments that help me learn and grow.

Happy Solstice to those of you who are inclined. Merry Christmas to those of you who believe that this holiday represents the birth of Jesus Christ. Happy Hanuka to Jewish friends all over the world. I have unlimited respect for all religions and points of view as long as they encompass love, unity and peace for all. I have not yet met a person through my blog who has contradicted these values, regardless of their religion or lack-there-of. This is very heartening to me because it is a start to spreading these values to a wider world, regardless of the god we pray or do not pray to. We all have our reasons. But on love and peace we can agree.

I feel grateful that you're out there. It makes my heart soar at times to read what you have to say. I laugh, I cry (for real) and I think because of the efforts you put into communicating who you are and what you believe in; what and whom you love; where you are going. Your path makes my own just a little less lonely.

With all my heart,


  1. "Your path makes my own just a little less lonely."

    that is it exactly!!

    once again you speak my feelings so eloquently - yes eleoquent!! don't deny it

    Happy Merry Everything

    Love ya

  2. Oh,YES! "Your path makes my own just a little less lonely." I truly feel that blogging and all the wonderful people that I now think of as close friends, saved my life. I was at a point back then that had me asking, what else is there??? And, OH, how I have found out just how much more there is! And you are surely one of those. And like Dianne, let me wish you a Happy Merry Everything!
    Love to you and yours,

  3. dearest gina, how nice to read your words this morning...I was feeling a bit gloomy but your post uplifted my spirit, making me feel part of a greater good...thank you for that and many wishes for you and yours for a beautiful week and a new year filled with blessings!

    much love to you...I am grateful that you too are in my life...I was not expecting to find people of such grace and warmth as yourself.

  4. I wish you a joy-filled holiday season, Gina. You have made a wonderful space here and I'm so very glad to be a part of it.



  5. What a sweet letter. Thank you for writing it. Happy merry everything to you too!

  6. Hear hear! Amen! This was a pleasure to read. It's the common warmth and civility we seem to share in the blog world that persuades me that people haven't changed much, even when they've moved into cyberspace.

    And I'm glad you're part of this whole thing. It's like our neighborhood street - I can't believe we got so lucky to find this...

  7. That was beautifully said, Gina. Thanks for putting words to those sentiments we all share.

    And I hope you can make it on Saturday!

  8. You've struck a chord that reminded me to look again at something I'll share:

    'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God' John 1:1

    Aum of the Vedas became the sacred word Hum of the Tibetans, Amin of the Moslems, and Amen of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Jews and Christians. It's meaning in Hebrew is sure, faithful.

    Amen to all your good thoughts and the best of the Season of Light to you and yours.

  9. Nice little bird..must be cold for the poor guy :)
    Here's wishing you a Merry and Blessed Christmas :)

  10. dear gina, not knowing how you feel about awards - I always cringe a bit when I see I have received one so I sympathize if you are like me - but I have given you the tree of happiness award simply because I enjoyed posting about what makes me happy and so passed it to a few people I felt might not mind doing the obligations or strings attached in my world in anything and so it goes with awards...come and see and you can decide if it is for you or not...either way, know I love you and your words....YOU make me happy! :)

    blessings in the coming year for wonders and contentment of just the right kind...

  11. Gina, that redbird photograph is the loveliest! Here's wishing you a holiday season filled with all that's best of life!


    Sheila :-)

  12. Gina, this is so lovely, as is the photo. Thank you.

    Have you seen the piece by Melissa Etheridge in the Huffington Post? If so, what did you think of it?

  13. Gina, I wish you all the best during this season of winter and joy! I'm glad I've gotten to know you! Your photo is a perfect Ruby Tuesday post! :)

  14. Hello……
    This is amazing!! I am so glad to found your blog!
    You are welcomed to my blog…….
    "A Merry X'Mas and A Happy New Year''

  15. Hi, Susan and welcome. You have so many blogs! I enjoyed them all but your cakes and food art are truly delightful. I asked on your blog in what country you're located and asking here as well.

    I'll have to try unripe mangoes with salt and chili powder. Can't wait!

  16. The Dcup inspired earrings are available if you are still interested.

  17. Bobbie: I read the the piece by Melissa Ethridge and I was really struck by it. I don't know what to make of it, really, but I will tell you my first impressions.

    I think she's exhibiting tremendous tolerance herself, which is admirable; noble, even; given that Warren categorized her sexuality into the same category as pedophilia and incest. Can you tell I'm still holding a grudge?

    In the piece, M.E. says that Warren regrets having made those remarks "in the video" but the truth is, that he's made those remarks many times on other occasions. That it took so much pressure for him to acknowledge he was wrong to say it, until he meets up with a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian, just seems disingenuous to me.

    Melissa Ethridge may feel okay about Warren's staunch opinion that marriage should not be redefined but I don't. Not from someone whose opinions can do so much damage to an already persecuted minority group and from someone who was a key supported or Prop 8.

    Perhaps if M.E. had been married between the time that CA law permitted gay marriage and the time it was taken away; like my daughter, she would be less inclined to forgive and forget.

    I want to be forgiving and instead of rally in opposition, do something to change it but in this particular situation, it's not like I can go volunteer or do any really significant, important work that will result in the repealing of Prop 8. P8 passed because of a huge influx of money that went largely toward lies and manipulation of the truth. I can donate money but on what kind of scale compared to the forces that want to keep my GLBT brothers and sisters down? And it will be battled out in the courts. There is little recourse for ordinary people.

    So I feel frustrated and angry about this. It's fundamentally wrong.

    Again, I admire her for her ability to reach out to an "enemy" in the spirit of understanding. I hope she makes a true difference on Warren's point-of-view but I'm not holding my breath for him to convert any time soon.

    Sorry to be a pain about this but as you know, this is an important issue to me personally and idealogically.

    I put up a post which may have gone by in your blogger reader but it only stayed up a for a minute. It was about the M.E. article and also about something else I read at Huffpo that made me just a bit queezy. I decided to table that post until after the holidays; I don't want to put a damper on the spirit for anyone.

    Thanks for alerting me to the article. I really should go over there to huffpo more often. It's a very good spot for left-of-center issues.

  18. wow, lots of comments in here. you made me drool with unripe mango! i love unripe mango with hot vinegar (with spices and lots of small chilis) and salt :-).

    just wanna say thank you for dropping by my blog. i love your blog too and this beautiful message... your path makes my own just a little less lonely (bec i smile a lot, haha! and laugh a lot too!).

    happy merry everything! (as they all say.)

    and oh just visited your photo blog, lovely photos!

  19. Wishing you and yours a world of love and peace this festive season,

    You are a light in this world and I'm blessed to know you,

    With love, Maithri

  20. Gina, wishing you and yours all the best.
    <3 Suzy

  21. Thanks for coming by, Art Lover. I'm glad you like the blogs!

    Maithri and Suzy: thank you both for your warm wishes. Health and happiness to you in the new year. I look forward to many happy exchanges.

    Peace and love,
    Pagan (Gina)

  22. Your picture (the one you took on this thread), Gina, made me think of this sad (but touching) post, here.


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