Sunday, September 21, 2008

Building Solidarity With A Blog Award

Who is Godless Liberal Homo?

He's a tireless, righteious blogger for peace and justice. One of his efforts was the Iraqi Blogswarm back in March, which was a very broad and hugely successful effort to mobilize bloggers who want withdrawal from the illegal war in Iraq.

He keeps a very focused blog with news and opinions about issues that left-of-center bloggers need to keep informed about. I know that I look to his blog for not only information but his take on it, as I trust his judgment and look to his leadership frequently. I don't know about you, but I need to feel that there are people out there whom I can look to for structure and organization. In essence, I look at Libhomo as a blog community organizer.

So when I received a comment from Libhomo that he'd given me a blog award, I wasn't surprised by his goal for doing so: he hopes that passing around this award will build solidarity between left-of-center bloggers. I've already received this award and passed it on to five bloggers. But now I have an opportunity to choose more for the sake of political and social solidarity. How cool is that?

Dianne of Forks Off The Moment
Word-wizzleler, liberal, open-minded, wonderful woman

Sherry at After The Bridge -
the sweetest Blue Collar Democrat on the web!

Homeyra at Forever Under Construction
A kind, creatively minded Iranian blogger

This photo connects to a fascinating post
Check it out!

Ben Heine

Click on the photo to connect to this stunning blog

Ben is a political cartoonist, artist and photographer blogging from Belgium

Betmo of Life's Journey
Beyond progressive into radical enough to tell the truth. Thoughtful and kind, too.

The Peace Tree

(Poetryman's blog with contributions from many tireless bloggers; in my case tired blogger ;-)

Here's the top post over at the Peace Tree
Trying to Have Hope
from the excellent blog The Intrepid Liberal Journal by Robert Ellman

Bobbie at Almost There
Family, nature, life, and paying attention to what's going on in the world
I love the photo below

Bobbie, her late husband Ralph and three of their four children. The fourth was to arrive later.

These blog recommendations represent people very different from each other in many ways but all of them having in common a desire for peace and justice for all.


  1. Gina, you have placed me in the company of some rather impressive people. I am sincerely humbled by this. Thank you.

  2. solidarity is a good thing :) thank you and thanks to libhom too. :)

  3. Gina you definitely deserve the award as your blog rocks girl!

  4. Thank you so much Gina.
    We have indeed a blog family. Always great to be introduced to friends' friends:)

  5. Thank You!
    As Bobbie said I'm in some very good company. And as betmo and homeyra said it is good to meet others and have an organized community ;)

    I get discouraged and exhausted at times not to mention frustrated. I wear my Obama gear wherever I go. I was going to Obama Camp and then to PA and Ohio before the leg issue so now I try to do it one person at a time in a casual friendly manner.

    I meet some lovely open minded folks but even among them the amount of mis-information and old time prejudices is horrifying.

    "Is he a Muslim?"
    "I just don't trust him"
    "His wife seems so angry"

    It is as if they are spitting out the crap they hear on the news.

    Anyway - all these words for trying to say without you and the folks like you I'd be more daft than I am :)


  6. Pagan Sphinx: Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for spreading the recognition. I love that you used the word "solidarity." I wish I had thought of that.

    I keep meaning to do a blog post or two on the concept of solidarity. It is an idea that is mostly censored by our educational system and the corporate media, and it is terribly important.

    I hope the award recipients will give out their own awards.

  7. Thank you a million times.
    your selection are very representative of you. :)
    Merci encore.

  8. Bobbie - you were one of the first people to comment here at the PS. I've learned a lot from you! (Hug)

    betmo - I wish solidarity were more catchy. Then we'd win the revolution for sure. ;-)

    Sherry - :-)

    Lib - when I read your comment and then look at the thumbnail of your photo, it looks almost like you're actually saying that. :-) Very cool.

    Homey, of the hundred dresses ;-)
    There's a children's novel called The Hundred Dresses. It's very dear. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I love your visuals. :-)

    Libhomo: I thought I stole solidarity from YOU! :D Thanks, man.

    Dianne (virtuoso of the casted purple leg :-) I'm so glad you're out there, Woman!

    Ben Heine - Those photos from Portugal are splendid. I love the old woman with her little dog. It made me wonder what your conversation with her may have been like. Thank you, Ben.


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