Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is my first-ever food post. What the hell, everyone needs to do at least one food post in their blogging life, right?

Supergirl Two and I made pesto with the basil from our garden. It was tough old basil, I tell you, but ground up with pine nuts, cheese, olive oil and garlic, there were no complaints when it came to eating it! We also bought local, organic greenhouse tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, sliced them, arranged them, added black olives, lots of black pepper and ate it all with gusto.

SG2 would not let me take her photo because she thinks I'm indiscreet about which pictures of her I choose to post. I guess I can't be counted on to put her best face forward. But I'm her mother and I think she always looks perfect. So there you have it; tonight's dinner.

Also a note to you all. I've had quite a bit of spam lately. For instance, describing myself as shy in one of my blog posts, generated a couple of emails from folks trying to sell me "get over your shyness" programs. The usual medicine show, internet style. So, starting tomorrow, I will be screening comments, at least for a while. I don't want to come back from vacation and have the blog riddled with unwanted comments.

We're packing up and putting things in order tomorrow and leaving for Nova Scotia on Thursday. W.P. and I have decided to take his work computer (which I have mixed feelings about) but he promised he'll only do the Wi-Fi thing occasionally. When he does, I will likely check in and even maybe read a few blog posts.

So long everyone! I'll try not to come back and bore you with too many Nova Scotia pictures but I know I won't be able to resist posting at least a couple of the highlights.

Peace & Love,


  1. Mmmm. Fresh mozzarella. It all looks delish, but mmmm fresh mozzarella.

  2. That meal is what my daughter ate nearly every day when we were in Italy! I like it too, especially with lots of pepper.

    Have a good time on your trip. I have always wanted to see Nova Scotia.

  3. The best thing I ever did for blogging was to have my comments sent to my email so I can screen.

    Please do bring back lots of pictures from your trip. I know it's going to be wonderful.

  4. D & Kenju: Fresh Mozzarella is soooooo guuuuuuud. I'm wicked with the salt on it, though. It's one of the evil things I do to only certain foods: fresh mozzarella, eggs and tomatoes.
    And all of those things go well with lots of black pepper!

    Kenju: Thanks for the good vacation wishes. I have never been to Nova Scotia either. We're actually going further North where W.P. says it's more quiet. The details actually don't sink in until I'm actually there. I don't even really believe I'm going yet... :-)

    Bobbie: you would give me the green light to take lots of photos, my creative photographer friend! I may try using that Flicker thing I so did not understand how to get on my blog when I first started. And regarding the comments moderation: I noticed you did that and Dianne also suggested it; two of my favorite bloggers whose judgment I trust implicitly.

    Love to all,

  5. tomatoes! hooray!

    have a grand time and lots of pictures please?

  6. Sherry: I think there is a tomato poem by Pablo Neruda? If anyone would know, it's you,luv. Thanks for the good wishes. Sorry I haven't been by; I'm way behind on blog reading. :-(

    Love & Peace,

  7. yes, there is a tomato poem by neruda. it's a terrfic poem.

  8. Here is “Ode to Tomatoes” by Pablo Neruda, as translated by Margaret Sayers Peden

    The street
    filled with tomatoes,
    light is
    its juice
    through the streets.
    In December,
    the tomato
    the kitchen,
    it enters at lunchtime,
    its ease
    on countertops,
    among glasses,
    butter dishes,
    blue saltcellars.
    It sheds
    its own light,
    benign majesty.
    Unfortunately, we must
    murder it:
    the knife
    into living flesh,
    a cool
    populates the salads
    of Chile,
    happily, it is wed
    to the clear onion,
    and to celebrate the union
    child of the olive,
    onto its halved hemispheres,
    its fragrance,
    salt, its magnetism;
    it is the wedding
    of the day,
    its flag,
    bubble vigorously,
    the aroma
    of the roast
    at the door,
    it’s time!
    come on!
    and, on
    the table, at the midpoint
    of summer,
    the tomato,
    star of earth,
    and fertile
    its convolutions,
    its canals,
    its remarkable amplitude
    and abundance,
    no pit,
    no husk,
    no leaves or thorns,
    the tomato offers
    its gift
    of fiery color
    and cool completeness.

  9. Fresh, ripe garden tomatoes are a reason for living. I eat them three meals a day for the whole of the season. Dinner looks lovely.

    I've been to Nova Scotia, but not for years. Take your camera, take lots of pictures, and show them to us. What's the point of doing an art blog if you can't put lots of pictures?

    Have a wonderful time, and come back rested and renewed.

  10. Post as many pictures of Nova Scotia as you like. I spent a couple of weeks there once and it was beautiful in the midst of summer. Some friends loaned us a little house in a village much like Peggy's Cove but not on the tourist run.
    These days my husband and I are thinking Halifax may be in our future.

  11. Susan: We're actually going way up to Cape Breton Island. W.P. says it's less touristy. The less people the better, far as we're concerned.

    Halifax sounds heavenly. I will soon see for myself.

    Another green light for Nova Scotia pictures! Yeaaaaaah. :-)

    Kate: aaaaaah, "Fresh, ripe garden tomatoes are a reason for living"...as are so many others, Kate. :-) Nice to see you in comments. Sorry I haven't been your blog. I'm trying to catch up...

    Love,love everyone

  12. Wow... most of my favorite things in one meal! Welcome to the delicious world of Foodie Blogging! :lol:

    And enjoy Canada, eh?

  13. Hi,CR!

    Thanks, man. We will.

    And the food posts? Well, you know what an uninspired cook I am. I cook in the summer, when there is leisure and an abundance of local produce. W.P. cooks the winter comfort food. Lots of red meat! ;-)

  14. Bon Voyage! and I loved the food photos (but you know how I feel about that...)

  15. Sherry - I love that poem by Neruda! First read him in a terrific college seminar.

    Pagan - please don't worry your sweet heart over having to moderate your comments. You do what you wanna do. We'll be fine with it.

  16. Ahh.. maybe you get to visit Gampo Abbey perhaps to meet Ani Pema Chodron. Very beneficial :-)

  17. oh this looks soooooo good...awesome...and food posts are wonderful...

    have a wonderful trip...

  18. Sherry: even in the translation, what a beautiful poem. Thank you for taking the time to post it here. You're a sweetie.

    Steve: my dear, new friend, creator of the Kingdom of Grenouille. Good to have you by. Thank you for your appreciation and your understanding. I'm so glad DCup discovered you and we got to meet you as well.

    To my other friends: if you haven't already, please stop by Steve's blog - it's beyond gorgeous. And his website is full of his beautiful art. Once you've visited, you won't be able to stay away from the beauty, passion and magic that Steve brings to every post.

    Susan: Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tip on Gampo Abbey. I must go there! If you know of any other stops to recommend, please email me: gina@gaw.com

    And Susan is another new friend who brings incredible talent, beauty
    and love to her posts. She has several blogs, including Phansy That, which I love. But you should check them all out. Each is its own gem. Go there, you'll thank me! :-)

    And Enigma. Do I sound like a broken record yet? I should really write a post about this but I"m not sure I have time before I leave.

    Enigma's blog Watergate Summer and I hope I have this straight: Siren Chronicles which she co-authors with others, including Jood of Journeys With Jood. Great political writing with heart and humor.

    Thank you for coming by, my friends. We're behind schedule and probably won't leave until afternoon. Right now I'm with black coffee and biscoto at the moment and refusing to budge until I wrap up my self-impose responsibilities to this blog and The Peace Tree!


  19. Oh hell! I probably missed ya!

    Well I'm telling the universe to give you a great trip.

    I request many posts with many photos when you return.

    Maybe I'll do a Baked Ziti post when it's not 100 degrees out!!

    Cool idea about the moderation. I'm thinking about doing it as well - spam definitely appears to have increased recently.

  20. Goddammit!!!!!!

    Now I'm hungry!

  21. Hi pagan - I will email you if I think of anyplace but Gampo is the only one currently on my list. I'm sure you'll find many beautiful places yourselves. Anbu and good journey.


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