Sunday, April 27, 2008

Six Random Thoughts

Sort of like a meme but completely unmandatory. And without all the autobiography. ;-)

Okay. If I may be allowed to be plain-spoken and to the point. Here goes:

  • I don't like my new flip-flops. They look just like the old ones but they're not made the same way.
  • I've always thought that Brad Pitt has little beady eyes and I don't find him very attractive. My kids made up a nickname for him, but especially for their mother's pleasure: Beady-eyed Horn Spec. You don't mean to wear glasses to have apply for the name, you just have to have beady little eyes like Brad Pitt. Bush has little beady eyes too. But he's evil. Brad Pitt is not evil that I know of.
  • Mean People Suck. I know, I know, it's a bumper sticker but it does pack a powerful punch, doesn't it?
  • Speaking of bumper stickers. This is the most original one I've ever seen: Honk If You Masterbate. I saw it once, while driving with my brother (gawd) in around 1975.
  • My partner, W.P. is in Switzerland for work since Monday. On Thursday, his company failed, apparently, to pay the cable and phone bills for the building where he's staying; including the mobile bill, so there was no service. He begged a security guard to let him into the company building so that he could call me. No other phone calls, no email, no TV (for him), no Skype. It sucks.
  • I miss W.P. A lot.


  1. Violins for the Pagan Sphinx, please! :-)

  2. Violins. Lots of them. Sorry that you're on your own at the moment and missing W.P.

    As for those flip flops - dang it. Whenever I love a pair of sandals, I end up wishing I'd purchased two or three pairs because I wear the heck out of them and I can never find them again.

    Beady-eyed Horn Spec!!! I love the supergirls!

    George Bush does have evil looking beady eyes. I'm mean about them. I joke about them being too close set, too.

    Have you ever noticed that Laura Bush has what I call a "mean mouth?" There's just something about it that makes me think that she'd "bless your heart" as southern women do right after they slice you and dice you. Mean mouth.

    Okay. Now. Cheer up? When is P.W. coming home? Soon, I hope!

  3. Hi, D
    Yes, Laura Bush does have a stern mouth, doesn't she? Why do people on the leftie blogs call her "pickles"? Or is that just one blogger? Could be she's trying to smile but can't really for the vinegar taste in her mouth.

    Yeah, the girls made up "beady-eyed horn spec" when they were little. They were a handful but oh, so much fun. Still are.

    W.P. is scheduled to be home on Wednesday. I'm usually fine for the first 2-4 days, then I start to get lonesome.

    Thanks so much for commenting on ths silly thread. You came along with violins just in time! :-)

  4. That WP is a sweetie, and I bet he's hard to miss - sorry to hear about the Communication Breakdown!

    When's he due back? It's SO hard to not be able to talk when you want to.

  5. CR: W.P. called today from the company HQ; where they do have phone service. All's well but the weather's been awful: rain and occasional sleet daily.

    He IS a sweetie. And given, his stature, among other things, hard to miss indeed.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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