Thursday, March 15, 2012

Art Foraging

Here is the latest catch of articles and links that I've recently encountered from the world of art. 

As always, the art ranges from sublime to subversive.  Some works are by familiar artists, others from names little known outside of art circles. 

Let me know in comments if anything strikes you, in either a positive or negative way. :-)

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Being a huge fan of Surrealistic art, particularly the lesser known women, I really wish I'd seen this exhibition.

The Weinstein Gallery, San Francisco

Surrealist photographer Thomas Barbey
(this is a very cool website - very worth checking out)

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec: The Complete Works


  1. Great post, and as usual I thank you for a brief sojourn from this world to elsewhere.

    I am always taken with Klimt...but this time I'm most moved by the Fini (don't know him, honestly) but I cannot put my finger on why. It may simply be that I love the look of the man's figure and skin. Don't really know what's going on there, though. Oof, heavy.


  2. Munsch - Yes. A scene at a child's deathbed I'm guessing - at least that's what I see..
    Klimt - Yes. A wonderful painting with lots of surprising elements. The colors and patterns are lush.
    Ensor - Yes. As westerners we've been distancing ourselves from nature for a long time.
    Feldmeier - Hmm. I'm not sure but I like the idea.
    Koons - No. I prefer Ken Kesey's bus.
    Fini - Yes. I've seen this image several times and love the mystery of it.
    Barbey - Yes. Gary Larson drew something similar that also made me laugh.
    Porno - Another hmmm. I'm just not sure what to think of this one.
    Toulouse-Lautrec - Yes! for so many reasons - the colors, shapes, forms and the wonderful expressions.

    Nice collection.

  3. well bless your funky heart!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  4. The world needs more cabbage Stalins.

  5. I loved every one of them. You have the eye for the selection, all right. It's as if the paintings share something in common. I'm wondering what it is. I think it's a sense of the painter's joy in using the medium to get something across.

  6. As you say: The Barbèy is cool!

  7. Francis - I'd never seen that particular Klimt before. It is quite extraordinary. I love the materials he applies to the canvas. Such a distinctive artist.

    Jams - Thanks!

    Cloudia - takes one to know one! :-)

    C.R. - yes!

    Vincent - I tend to be quite visceral when I first encounter a work of art, saving the thinking for later. Thanks for the nice comment; it's a keeper. :-)

    Susan - it would be just like you, friend, to be so thorough and specific about each selection! I have sort of love/hate thing toward Koon's works. They are ostentatious to the max and he himself looks like a businessman rather than an artist (I believe he is a former business man) and yet there is something fascinating about his work in that he makes such a simple, straightforward point about it in his usually garish and tacky works. The BMW art car is a perfect example of his style and attitude.

    Ursula - Leonore Fini is a woman, my dear. She is an amazing surrealist painter. The surrealists, including the writers and poets and philosophers, seem to me a rather "good 'ol boys" sort of club...and...I love them anyway...but was glad to discover many talented women. Leonora Carrington is another artist whose work you might like. Great to get a comment from you, love! xxoo

    Claude - thanks!

  8. So many emotions to take in in this post. I went from solemn thoughts through amusing, itriguing, scary, but the one with the most impact for me is 'Very Sharp Left Turn', surreal and nightmarish.

  9. Well, Jeff Koons is into cars nowadays. Thanx for posting, good week

  10. Love the Barbey "sharp left turn".

    Thanks for providing me my own on-line gallery!

  11. I love the sharp turn left!
    actually I found something wonderful in each piece

  12. Fantastic - all of them - also lucky Honey Monster lol.

  13. Aguja and Dianne - I love that photo, too!

    Jaykaym - I'm glad you not only came by but left a comment. I hope you will be back! I will have to pay a longer visit to your blog but I did like what I saw there. :-)

    imac - me love honey! lol

  14. Taxi - good you stopped by. Your posts amaze me. One could get lost in each one for hours, following all the links. Fantastic!

  15. Hey Gina, I came here today because google said you had something for BlogBlast4Peace on your blog...I think I came here last year for the same reason, lol. I see you still have your 2008 BB4P 'banner' in the sidebar... :-D I'm thinking that, because of this, I could add a link in my Peace Bloggers Unite blog... :-)


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