Sunday, August 7, 2011

Glimpses of Amsterdam, Part II - The Rijkmuseum

Thinking back to just a few weeks ago when we were there, I really miss Amsterdam. Were I there today, I would probably be at the Sunday art market. I will post some photos of the markets in a future post.

I love cities for what they offer but unlike my daughter Ursula, who lives in and loves everything about Boston, I don't think I could live in most of them, even if I could afford to. Of those I've visited, there are only two cities I could see myself living in and being happy -  San Francisco and now Amsterdam.

Here are a few more Amsterdam highlights from the Rijkmuseum.

Photo by Gina Duarte

There is restoration work going on in the main building and we almost didn't go on the day we'd decided upon, since it was pouring off and on all day. I'm so glad we braved the rain and went anyway. Because of the renovations, all of the masterpieces of the Golden Age were set up in one room. It was breathtaking. Here are some of my favorites. Photography was strictly forbidden so of course, these images are borrowed from various sources on the internet. They've been credited wherever possible.

Johannes Vermeer

Self-Portrait as a Young Man
c. 1628-29

Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem


  1. Ben a long time since I went to the Rijksmuseum. I must go back. Did you enjoy the Stedelijk?

  2. I love traveling vicariously thru my friends!!! how lovely...struck by the almost charcoal tones in the black woman skin in Bathsheba...wondering why
    &if it's a sign of the times?

  3. this was the perfect nightcap for my evening, stopping by here. The Love Letter has been a fave for many years, since college art history, maybe longer than that even. that is one amazing work of art. thanks Gina.

  4. The Vermeer has such clarity seeing it is almost like walking into the room to join the conversation. Young Rembrandt is like seeing an old friend who's still trying to encourage me to come and see something wonderful he's found.
    The Cornelisz is unfamiliar but strangely beautiful.

    I really envy you having been so close to all this marvelous artwork. I think I'd have to agree with you about the two most beautiful and exciting cities to live in being San Francisco and Amsterdam. High culture and sheer enjoyment are things worthy of striving for.

    The busker festival is going on now and the headline of today's newspaper was about a drunk girl falling off the pier. Happily, she wasn't badly hurt..

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday. We haven't chatted in a while. This trip looks like it was wonderful. I'm going to Amsterdam for 2 - 3 days in late November before embarking on a cruise of the Rhine. It will be my first Amsterdam visit. I will keep checking your blog to see what you have to say about it.

  6. I wouldn't live there, but I'd love to come visit you! ;)

  7. I used to hate those Dutch interior paintings as a teenager, but now they fascinate me so that I long to see more, to step into the room and see what else is there.

  8. Jams - we never made it to the Stedelijk. It's in some sort of temporary condition. Next time...

    Linda - I'm not sure...

    Susan - I've gained an appreciation for the master painters. I started with a love of modern art and have steadily been going backwards. The Vermeers are stunning in real life. We never made it to The Hague, so I didn't see the pearl earring painting. It's just as well...every time I see an image of it, I think of the actress who portrayed her in the film and it bugs me, for some reason.

    Jack - enjoy your trip and keep in touch!

    CR - it's not exactly realistic to think of ever living in either Amsterdam or San Francisco...

    Aguja - I love interior paintings and Vermeer's in particular. The Matisse interiors are among my favorites.

    Thanks all for stopping by. This isn't the most interesting or exciting of posts. I'm a little drained on blogging at the moment...

    Peace and love,

  9. I have always seen myself living in San francisco :)

    love your photos lady

  10. I've lived in the sticks and in several big cities. I think I could make myself happy anywhere, and have but basically I'm a suburbia guy.

    That museum sounds wonderful. The Gilcrease museum here in Tulsa which specializes in American art put all their "best" paintings together in a room last year. The effect was indeed stunning.


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