Friday, July 29, 2011

The Friday Evening Nudes

Tonight, the nudes go skinny (or not so skinny) dipping.   ;-)

Stay cool!

 Camille Pissaro


Frederick Childe-Hassam




  1. such beautiful works,
    but that Camarmench piece is something else. Wow!
    thanks for sharing this post.

  2. You are my favourite (perhaps my only) source of nudes, dear Sphinx!

  3. And I assure you I shall use them for "fair use" and "educational purposes".

  4. I love your nudes. They invite us to be who we are with abandon.

  5. I love the I.P. Camarlench and the Renoir. and the Pissaro. oh I love them all really. always a pleasure Gina. thanks for the Friday night fun.

  6. I agree with Liza - the Camarlench work is fascinating ... shades of Ophelia.

  7. Liza - it's a beauty, isn't it?

    Vincent - I do what I can to further the education of others! :-)

    Sandy - you've hit on the main reason why I post them! For both women and men, a look at how different the female form can be and how it can be interpreted in so many ways.

    Becky - the Renoir is so full of bounce! It's almost a bit comical! :-D

    Francis - a swimming, not drowning, Ophelia. I like that! I saw Ophelia by Millias at The Tate. I couldn't stop looking at her and returned several times to see her again, so my mind's eye wouldn't forget what she looks like up close and personal. An amazing painting!

    My personal favorite in this collection is the Pissaro. Then again, I don't think the man painted anything that wasn't great.

    Thanks all for the comments. As always, they create an incentive to keep posting!

    Have a great weekend.

  8. It's great how they look like real women.

  9. I'm delighted to see the Friday nudes are back and it's a delightful collection. There's something more natural about nudes in water rather than having them stand on a a table. The Pissaro is my favorite but the Camarlench was a happy surprise.

  10. Very nice my friend, 1st one my fav, beside the sea.
    Only thing is - when I go to the sea - I never see any,lol.

  11. What a lovely and summer-timely set of bathers. No men... Interesting.

    The blue in the Childe-Hassam makes my soul reach out of my body. I want it. I think the limited palette is part of the magic being worked - why the blue seems so ravishingly blue to me.

    I had not heard of Zorn, and then I encounter him twice today in totally unconnected ways. One was a discussion of his famous limited palette(white, ivory black, yellow ochre, and vermillion only). But he plainly did not limit himself to that palette for this piece, or the greens would have been impossible. The handling of paint is lovely, particularly on the figure. She is the only one in this set who looks wet.

    I knew from the third painting (when I realized the theme) that the Renoir would have to be included somewhere below - and I was not disappointed. I'm guessing a Degas bather is not in the mix because his were all indoors, and that's not the theme this week... I think it possible that no other painter has paid more loving attention (by his own admission) to the female breast and nipple than Renoir.

    Thanks, as always - lovely collection.

  12. Another marvellous selection. Once again you introduce me to unfamiliar artists

  13. Singing Bear - I always wonder if it's in fact true, that most men like stick-figure women. My daughter who is 22 says among younger men she believes it's true...

    Susan - the Pissaro is my favorite as well. The Camarlench is very nice. I just noticed that there is female-like form, smaller than the main subject, painted into the scene, in the water.

    Steve - I love Childe-Hassam. What a great and under-appreciated American artist. Ursula and I saw several of his paintings (no nudes) this weekend on our visit to the Boston MFA. They've made a whole new wing of American painters. It's really fabulous.
    Thanks as always for your substantial comment!

    Jams - I'm always glad to hear that you enjoy and learn from these posts! Thank you!

    Love to all,

  14. This post is brilliant. I love nudes and these make a fantastic collection - so soft but so varied. I am fascinated.

  15. imac - :-D You could try going to the beach that Susan went to in Nova Scotia!

    Aguja - I'm so glad you enjoyed the nudes. :-)


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