Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Strolling of the Heifers

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My last post Homelessness in the U.S, is a serious and sober one. Let's have some fun now, shall we?  :-)

 Last Saturday, The Future Mr. Pagan Sphinx and I awoke early to beautiful morning of sun and a fresh spring breeze. A perfect day to take in the 10th annual Strolling of the Heifers parade (and Slow Living Summit) in nearby Brattleboro, Vermont. It was to be our first time, as previous years we've missed it for one reason or another.

The Strolling of the Heifers celebrates New England small farm tradition, new-age organic farming and, as my friend Susan put it, generous doses of fun and funk! Enjoy!

There is a tradition in Vermont that if you see a cow in the middle of the road, go ahead and milk it. Just make sure you leave enough milk for the next guy.  ;-)

The sign on the back of the cart reads save gas, ride an ass!  :-)
 The first crop of local strawberries is on its way to the markets this week!

Harlow's farm and sugarhouse is a business that was always generous to the kids at my former Vermont school; giving us free tours and great deals on fruit to take home.

 And proud.

 I thought this girl was especially sweet. The heifer, I mean!

 The Dairy Fairy organizes her ring!

Not just for heifers:

Finally, for you foreigners who assume that all Americans are obese, a skinny cow!  ;-)


  1. those heifers are BOSS! my fave photo is the one of the lamb in the wagon. I want to live where you live. our local parades here are fire trucks and semis for the most part. this one is FUN. have a great week Gina.

  2. Looks all jolly good fun my friend.
    Your Feather is on its way,lol.

  3. Becky - come live here! Or at least visit! You'll love it, I know.

    Stewart (imac) - I'm honored and...urr...tickled! ;-) Thanks!

  4. FYI - I'm having layout problems with this post and can't seem to add a caption or text no matter how many times I try. The sign on the back of the donkey cart reads "save gas, ride an ass". :-)

  5. Haha that parade is a lot more fun than anything we have in Romford. Looks like a great day out

  6. What a wonderful parade and I agree the heifer you pointed out is a real sweetie. I'm glad you had such a beautiful day for your first time attending.

  7. This is priceless! I intended to go, but pressing stuff came up, so I missed it again (except for your kindly provided vicarious experience!)

  8. So much nicer than the death and near-death nonsense of the running of the bulls. Let's hear it for good New England sense!

  9. Looks completely mad, I love it! What's the weird looking creature on the 14th picture? It's almost like a cartoon character...but still very cute.

  10. This looks great. Any such traditions seem to be well on their way to extinction over here, sadly. I love cows.

  11. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  12. I love the parade!! Pure whimsy and fun.

  13. I am on a high with the 'Cow Fest'!It is brilliant and looks amazing fun. I love the fairies in runners ... just in case the wings don't work!
    I entered this post in ecstatic mood as I have just managed, after three goes, to post the promised return post on you Homelessness post. Please read it! So I enjoyed this crazy post immensely

  14. Thanks for joining in the fun!

    Spangle - that is a baby llama. They're very cute! This one is especially well-groomed. Also want to let you know I follow The Olivia Reader but I cannot comment. I think Aguja may have already told you that!

  15. That looks like a weird and wonderful community to live in, Gina!

  16. Francis - it is! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Aguja - oh, I was very glad to receive your comment. Thank you!

    SB - I feel sorry for cows sometimes. The perpetually lactating ones remind me a bit of my time as a nursing mother! :-D

  18. i live in cow country and have never seen such cute little heifers as that bay colored one...and the llama takes the cake for cutest of all....at least, i think it's some form of llama...;)

    your post on homelessness was also so moving....i hate to even think of the children suffering in this... i too worked in a head start program many years ago and it broke my heart...never could do it for a living.

    anyway, glad you had such a fun day at the farm...with no stinkies to remind you where you are. ;0

  19. What a fun post and a great parade! Love that fairy in her running shoes!! The animals are all delightful! Fantastic shadow shots for the day! Hope you have a great weekend!


  20. My goodness! The whole barnyard was out there!


    A shadow, a shadow, a shadow you say?
    A shadow is coming to dinner today?

    Oh, what shall we feed it, and what will it eat?
    Just toss down a few rays of light at its feet,

    And watch its dark mouth gobble up every ray,
    But be sure, my friend, you don’t get in its way;

    Keep out of the light so it won’t gobble you.
    (If I were the hostess, that’s just what I’d do.)

    A shadow is easy to feed, so they say,
    So welcome your shadow to dinner today.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

  21. Beautiful shadows! Please come see my Shadow shots

  22. This is a nice place to visit - although to live in it 'in the day' would be a hardship. I'm thinking of central fireplaces for uneven heat in the winter, for instance. So as a restored homestead, it is quite beautiful and well detailed. The four post bed and ruby chaise are beautiful and perhaps even comfortable!

  23. that must be fun :D
    delightful post :D

  24. Wonderful candid shots!
    I like so many of these but that little lamb being held in the wagon is as cute as can be - sweet image.

  25. What a cool parade. I wish I had been there to see it in person! The dairy fairy is fabulous in running shoes. :)

  26. this is wonderful!
    I love the circle of sweet young women
    and all the animals!! looking loved and happy
    just perfect

  27. I have always had a dream to live in Vermont. People think I am crazy because of the winters, but that is OK. I still would love to live there. When my husband hiked the Appalachian Trail, he fell in love with the state, too. He is hoping to return this summer to do the Long Trail. This wonderful festival just adds to my desire to visit your neck of the woods. All of your captures are great and such fun to view. They definitely put a huge grin on my face. You have made my Saturday evening. genie

  28. A fun parade! And clearly the weather was kind too! Love the range of outfits! And fairies in sneakers are kinda cute!

  29. Absolutely delightful! Thanks for this.

  30. Oh Pagan... See what I miss when I don't get over this way as often as in the past? This is a delightful post, full of life and fun, and Shadows!
    I love the dairy fairy and her minions.What a beautiful day for a parade!
    We'll be doing our traveling out that way in October. Hope we can catch you at some point on that trip.
    We've been busy with home projects, motorcycles and Grandkids finishing school and now finally Summer is here, so we'll stay busy. Good to stop and visit youe blog, I'll take it as a visit into your life. Very nice all around.


  31. Linda - ha! I was actually surprised that at least in the section of the parade we witnessed, there were no cow patties! Then again, there was a guy with a portable dust bin and sweeper in the parade, just in case!

    Magical Mystery Teacher - delightful comment and poem as always!

    Ralph - I'm not sure if you're commenting on the right post, but thanks for coming by!

    Raj, Carletta, ρομπερτ, Dianne, Gemma, Caregiver - thank you, all!

    Genie - we feel great about bordering with Vermont. Rural Western Mass is also a wonderful place to live and despite the winters, I can't imagine leaving my beloved Massachusetts and the frequent forays into nearby Southern Vermont. It all feels like one big bi-state neighborhood! We also border N.H. and we're not far from Keene, which is an interesting college town. It's a very rich area in so many ways.

    Spadoman - hey! Long time no see! So glad you came to visit. And if you are around these parts for real, please let me know. If our schedules jive, it would be great to have you and Mrs. Spadoman over for a visit! Sending a hug!


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