Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Reply to Giovanfrancesco's Comment

 If your profile were not private, I would have exposed you. But you wouldn't  dare leave a comment like that while maintaining any kind of visibility because mysogynists are always cowards.

So in response to your revolting opinion and word choices regarding the poem by Margaret Atwood, I quote the last two words of it:

Get stuffed


  1. Oh dear. I sort of assumed my email address at least would be visible to you. I post as Sagredo to 3QD and various other blogs.

    Anyway, that "Olympia" is offering sex for money and not, as Atwood implies, for her own pleasure is hardly controversial. Once considered, how much of the poem does this leave?

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  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Giovan: you wrote: "that "Olympia" is offering sex for money and not, as Atwood implies, for her own pleasure is hardly controversial".

    Of course it isn't! Firstly, let me tell you that I'm not an expert on art, nor do I pretend to be. This is my favorite nude, the way I choose to interpret her and I happen to like Atwood's view on Olympia, as it is close to my own.
    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Further, it is not your opinion, I take issue with, it is your use of a word I and many women find offensive. I'm assuming that you are male. Am I right? You appear to be a literate and well-read individual, as evidenced by the way you wrote your comment. I don't mean to paint with too wide a stroke but from my experience, your style of disregard for language that is offensive to women, is alive and well in intellectual circles. It is, in face, a word that I've heard more among upper-crust males than the working class and immigrant ones I am familiar with from my own immigrant past.

    You are welcome to comment here if you wish. Just know that if I personally find your comment and/or word choices offensive, I will not publish them. As I say in the comments template, I am opne to all points of view. Again, it is your word choice I found offensive. And if I find it so, I'm assuming so do the majority of my readers and friends. Certainly, my family would be offended. I am the mother of four daughters and one daughter-in-law.

    As for the email address. I don't see one in the email I recieved via blogger, nor on the link containing your information. In the email, if I responded, it would have gone into "no reply blogger" ether-land.


    Looks like an interesting blog. I will check it out. Perhaps your word choices are appropriate there. They are not here.

    Now...which one are you on list of endorses for the blog 3quarksdaily? The mathematics professor or the psychiatrist? I have tended to have not-so-good experiences with individuals practicing these professions - both male and female. Just sayin'.

  5. Geez, P.S., after about 30+/- years of knowing you (quite well,) I can say this is the first time I've ever heard you called a "mysogynist"[sic]!

    Three comments:

    1) the Manet is worthy of being your favorite nude;

    2) the Atwood poem is quite good by me, and

    3) Giowhatever has his head up his butt.

    Just sayin'.

  6. Atwood is one of my favorite writers. She should be placed alongside Orwell.

  7. By now anyone who's read this thread is wondering what was so offensive about Giovan's comment. Essentially, he said what he wrote in his comment which I DID publish above, but he used a term for the female genetalia which I find highly offensive. In that inicial comment, he (I'm assuming a "he") showed no clear information about who he/she is, other than the handle "giovanifrancesco". This led me to believe that he/she wished to remain anonymous and assuming he was a coward. I know a little more about him now. Had this individual worded his comment differently, I would have published it and tackled it in a more public way.

    In any event, what all of this comes down to is that I am open to all points of view but please have some courtesy and in regards to the language you use. It's all well and good with me for giovani to bandy around such termanology at the men's club or whatever but it's not okay here.

    CR: was I refered to as a misogynist? I missed that.

    Libhom: she is an amazingly talented and brilliant human being!


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