Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slight Changes to The Pagan Sphinx on its Blogoversary

I wanted to be able to place larger images for posts. After all, this is primarily an art blog. I cleaned up what was once the "sidebar" and took out things I no longer find relevant. A lot of that stuff is at the bottom of each post. Every post will have its own page, followed by the lists, links, quotes and other stuff I've collected on the blog for two years now. Just click "older posts" to view whatever has come before the most current one.

 My two year blogaversary is actually on February 16 but I won't be here - I'll be in Boston on a little three day get-away to Boston.  It's also WP and my sixth dating anniversary.  I am his Yoko Ono. Which if anyone knows anything, they know what really broke up the Beatles.  ;-)

I guess I'm celebrating quietly. If you'd care to join me for a little art, check out The Friday Evening Nudes tomorrow.

Till then,
I remain your Pagan Sphinx

John Lennon


  1. I like the new layout - particularly the ability to display larger images. But this is the comments option set that doesn't let all Firefox users post comments - including me. I'll see if this one goes through... It looks like Blogspot changed this a bit, so I hope it works.

  2. Well, this could prove interesting! Happy Blogiversary and happy get-away to Boston!

  3. gina, you are so funny! now I want to know how to do the pages! FROM YOU! hahahah, this is great and I am going to do the same thing, well, I am doing it slowly but not going to get rid of everything on the side i don't think...

    and of course, is there someone who doesn't know? sly little thing... i hope they were happy, albeit briefly... there is a lovely you tube done to imagine, i believe but you probably have seen it.

    well have a good one and don't do anything i wouldn't do which frees you up to do practically everything! ;)
    ♥ X gazillion more

  4. Happy Anniversaries! Have a wonderful time and I like your new look.

    Your friend, SB.

  5. Hi, congratulations on your blogoversary!! your blog is really nice, it helps me a lot to learn more about art. Good vacation!

  6. I like it too! I don't know what took me so long to get around to this. It "feels" different. Like a virtual remodeling. The larger images are already making me feel happy that I cleaned up around here!

    Thanks, everyone. Welcome Paty. I'm glad you all visited. I feel light. It's a groovy feeling, if I let myself do it. :-)

    A great weekend to you all, with love.

  7. Linda: big hug. Regarding the blog format - initially I wanted to still have a sidebar but I didn't find a convenient option for that and I didn't want to be deterred! This will do. I will email you with instructions - that is if I can remember what I did. ;-)

  8. I have a strong tendency to like things staying the same but I do like aspects of your new arrangement. For one thing it's nice seeing the art in a larger format.

    What I'd prefer to see adjusted is the preponderance of black all on the right side when the page opens. I also don't see the long line of followers as being a welcome beginning before scrolling to the main post. Of course, although I follow, I took the little doohickey off my blog months ago. It would be preferable from my point of view to get a glimpse of the title immediately.

    I love reading your blog and have always enjoyed scrolling through older posts and seeing sidebars go by on the way. Maybe my blog doesn't look up to date but I'm comfortable with it. Maybe I'm just getting crotchity :-)

    I'll always be back no matter how you choose to style the place.

  9. Susan: I don't like all the black to right of the header either and yet, I have no way of fixing this with the new format that allows for larger images. There is no way of filling in that space, nor of changing its color --- at least that I know of. If anyone has any idea of how to do that, please let me know.
    Originally, I didn't plan to get rid of the sidebar stuff but again, this format doesn't allow for a sidebar. I didn't want to spend extra hours that I don't have on it, so it will have to do.
    I tend to like things to stay the same, too, Susan. :-) The driving force behind the changes was what you and I both like --- the ability to post the art in a larger format. Thanks for the honest feedback. I'll keep waiting for someone to come along who knows how to help me fix that black space! :-D


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