Monday, February 8, 2010

Pagan Sphinx Entertainment Highlight - A Museum Visit, My World Tuesday & Ruby Tuesday

We went up-country to Brattleboro, Vermont today for our monthly foray into the world of organic foods, Tibetan prayer flags and decadent desserts that I guess you can have if all you eat is seaweed. And that is why I stocked up on miso and seaweed - so I can eat more deserts! The Brattleboro Coop is one of those places that I can't leave without spending more money than I had budgeted for.

                        Pandas for the little ones at school.

The shopping was followed by a walk across the street to the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.

Once inside the museum, I took quite a few photos of the artworks, though not very many came out well. A lot of the glassed works are difficult to photograph due to glare.

My apologies to the artists. I failed to take note of a few

The the mini gift shop was having a sale so I attempted a little museum store therapy and bought some trinkets for my loved ones.

Llama Love finger puppets


and Monet

Venus Beaded Bookmark
Birth of Venus

 Bridge Railing
Brattleboro, Vermont

If you celebrate it, Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. The old school has such lovely detailing on its stone facade - so its second life is perfect as a museum, a showcase of artistry! The woodpecker in the painting is beautiful. The gift shop is great, the red velour on which the gifts are arrayed really lets the artistic items for sale stand out, compels us to browse. What a fun day!

  2. What a wonderful day, organic food, museum and I'm sure a beautiful drive.
    Glad you enjoyed the Getty shots. Mostly we viewed special exhibits so no photos there. I appreciate the coments on the Michael post, I wasn't sure if I should link it but it seems to have gotten a postitive reception.

  3. Ralph - it's funny you mention the red background. That is actually the flannel duvet cover on my bed! I layed everything out on the bed and then took pictures! Thanks for the visit, as always.

    Martha: I liked the post about Michael because I think the world needs to know that the Michaels and Anthonys of the world exist. I like what you said in the post about the teabaggers. How can a person be so callous about the needs of their fellow man.

  4. I'd say it was a productive trip to Brattleboro!

    What do you use miso for?

  5. Looks like a fun museum. The entrance reminds me of some other museum I must have visited at some point...

    I like the heart shaped rail. Botticelli is one my favorite artists.

  6. sounds like a wonderful day!

    I love 'Through the View'
    and all your gift trinkets are wonderful

  7. You are too freakin' cool - I've passed that place many times (including twice this weekend) without stopping in, and now you've motivated me!

  8. Now there is a museum I would love to visit.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  9. Wow! What a stimulating, ruby day! Glad the weather accommodated! Seeing all of the artwork was great. Supporting text enhances the photos. What a great way to start my day. Almost as good as eating some of that organic food!


  10. I can't believe, Sphinx, you ran into sooo many RED things in your day! Marvelous! Happy Ruby Tuesday! :)

  11. looks like a fun day! i would love to visit that museum soon :)

    u may view mine here

  12. What a great selection of pictures. I especially liked the beaded bookmark.

  13. Love these unique artworks! Great creative spin on them! And adore the rugged facade of the building!

  14. That Museum looks like fun. Maybe I'll go there when I take my next New England trip.

  15. love the little bird and those darling llamas.... and the one below the wrench is cool too... it looks like collage?

    and is that a chocolate bar? oh to eat one of those...been on gluten/sugar free and it's awful...i am going crazy it 3 or 4, i don't even know anymore... ♥

  16. i just noticed the new blogs over there and am going to see ... wooohooo :)


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