Sunday, January 10, 2010

Surrealistic Sunday


Michael Bridges
a print of this image is for sale on the artist's webpage
(click above)

Nicoletta Ceccoli
children's book illustrator
(I don't think she's an actual surrealist but this work certainly holds the influence of surrealism)

Jane Graverol

an excellent article on the women surrealists at

Meret Oppenheim

Valentine Hugo

Pierre Roy


  1. Superb. I particularly like the Nicoletta Ceccoli illustration

  2. Can't warm up to this one - except for Michael Bridges for some reason I don't really understand myself.

  3. as i was over here googling over all these fascinating paintings, you were over at my place, talking to me! i love synchronicity ;)

    i also love these paintings and love surrealism in general...there is something about it's story telling ability that simply pulls me right in, even when they make no sense whatsoever, which i think some of them do and some intentionally are keeping a secret. i don't know which i like best but bridges is at the top as is j.bailly although that fish...hmmm, well i just love them all!!

    and YOU♥

    ps-i can't write all i want so will just say all this art you have been posting is fabulous but your sweet daughter wins the prize for me! am sending vibes she realizes what is best for her...with you as her mother, she is in very good hands. no worries!

  4. my father was a collector of surrealistic art, he would have loved each one of these. I enjoyed each one myself.

  5. That Vladimir Kush is great.

    The one by Nicoletta Ceccoli is rather haunting and lovely.

  6. oh I like these, surrealism has always fascinated me

  7. If I were a good artist I'd be a Surrealist. There is something magical in each and every one of these but I too especially like the Nicoletta Ceccoli. If the painting is clever enough there's no need to even hear the story as it's one that can change day by day depending on your mood.

  8. These are each one more amazing than the last! Thanks for assembling these for us, Gurrrl. ;)

  9. Jams: I love the little I've been able to find of her work but one of these days when I have the time, I'd like to find some of the books she's illustrated. I'm a huge fan of picture book art. I'm always glad to know of other people of like the surrealists and those influenced by them. Incredible stuff.

    Bobbie: the work of Michael Bridges is very sweet.

    Linda: synchronicity, indeed! That was a nice moment. I can get lost in a surrealist work on canvas. Sometimes I hardly know my way back! Usually that's fantastic but sometimes, it feels a bit disconcerting. Some of Dali's paintings are truly demented! I heart you too, my luv!

    Tammie-Lee: in terms of art, lucky is the person who can collect it. And surrealism is the type of art I could, given the money, really get addicted to collecting! I would love to hear more about your father's collection. I will try finding your email. The photo you're using for an icon is very nice, btw.

    SB: the Kush is my favorite also. I wish I could find a larger image online or better still, to see it in person! There is so much detail there that is hard to observe in the small digi image I was able to find.

    Susan: you wrote - "If the painting is clever enough there's no need to even hear the story as it's one that can change day by day depending on your mood."

    This is so true!! Sometimes even in non-surrealist paintings, that happens.
    And what to do you mean "if I were a good artist" ? I love your work! I know, I know...we are always our own toughest critics.

    CR: sure thing, good man! Glad you liked the post!

    Love and peace to all,

  10. Love almost all of these - particularly the Kush and Bailly. And both of the ones with the birds, naturally... I guess my moon dissolving into birds is something in that same line, though not as well done or clever as these.

    Surrealism is like some poetry, where the words seem to tell us more than they should, and yet less than they might... As if there were something in between all the words, something which the words capture in their peripheral vision which could not be seen directly. As Linda said, there seems to be a story, even if it makes no sense. And we seem to "get" the story with or without the sense. Something is stirred within us. Maybe that's why the more "demented" pieces (an apt word you used) disturb us so much.


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