Friday, January 29, 2010

The Friday Evening Nudes

Good, Old-Fashioned Nudes

 Frederick John Mulhaupt
1871 - 1938

Amaury Duval
1808 - 1885

originally uploaded by the blog Naked in the Art

Julius LeBlanc Stewart
1855- 1919

Camille Wauters 


  1. These are so rich and gorgeous. I especially love the Devaille for the composition and the rich colors.

  2. oh gina, these are all just gorgeous...i can't pick which i like best BUT the first one just blew me is beautiful and i can only imagine what it must look like in reality... another artist...thank you... and i love her hair!

    then also i like the delvaille, seem to be liking the backsides , for some odd reason, probably because...well, never mind... ;)

  3. I don't have any particular favorites this time. It's amazing just how many beautiful nudes there are :-)

  4. This is a gorgeous "old fashioned" set. The technique is all relatively (for the Friday Evening Nudes) similar. The approach is realistic. The artistic motivation in almost all of these paintings borders on reverence. All of them capture the beauty of the human form - the female form. All are composed so the figure is the focus, gracefully fills the space, and is not cropped (except one lower leg, and I believe that was to make the figure larger in the painting, since that composition is so clearly about the sweeps in the upper figure - hair, silk, arms... and the striking contrast of her white flawless skin with the reds of the background, and with her thick black hair). None of the figures are looking at us - they all have a quiet modesty or simple rest (as if there were no observer). Sexuality is understated - thoughts of it would seem an intrusion.

    There are so many lovely details and compositional elements - but all quiet. The right angle at the top of the drapery in the Wauters draws attention to the angles and curves in the figure's torso. The bracelet in the Stewart gives the figure an elegance that makes her almost seem dressed. The fingers are beautiful in the Stewart and the Delvaille. I've already remarked on the striking composition in the Devaille - possibly the standout, for me, in this set. The light on the Mulhaupt, and the handling of the paint, the warm shadows on her lower right side echoing the beautiful shade of her hair - all delicious.

    All quiet beauties. Full of subtle things that emerge slowly and gently as you observe more and more. Painted carefully - to be observed in the same way. It reminds us, I think, that there was great merit in the "academic" approach to painting. It lacks the spontaneity and power we're used to admiring in more modern works, which are the favorites of many of your audience, but it is offering something else - a classical, lyrical look at the grace and beauty of the human form itself.

    Thanks for this different approach. You keep it interesting every week.

    I'm not familiar with any of these artists. I plan to look a few of them up.

  5. Excellent. Though whether or not these old fashioned nudes were good all the while is debatable. I have a feeling that Julius LeBlanc Stewart's young lady could be very naughty, in deed, when the fancy took her.

  6. Lisa: Hi!!! It's good to "see" you! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Linda: they are sweet. I haven't yet completely forgotten how beautiful I was. I have encouraged my daughters to have tasteful photo portraits taken of them. Of course, I had to throw in that they must do it with a friend and be very, very careful to spot the wolves! What I mean is that it is a treasure to have photographic reminders of one's body at different stages. Especially that one! ;-)

    Susan: tons, dear Susan, tons! :-)

    Steve: breathtaking comments, as always. I am trying new ways to compose the posts. This is not incidental, as I've been visiting many new art blogs. Most are exclusively art and a minority are slightly personal blogs as well, like mine.

    I love the grace and beauty of these portraits. This is how I would want my own nude portrait painted. Or "would have". :-/ Which makes me think of Alice Neel and how brave she was to paint a nude self-portrait when she was very old - I mean way older than you and me - perhaps she is well into her 70's. Do you like Alice Neel, Steve? She was not at all spontaneous in her approach to portraits. Painstakingly accurate, with the emphasis on "pain". Hers are not meant to be viewed lightly.

    MP: The Stewart model is, in fact, my favorite. ;-)

    MP: x, y and z?

  7. these are lovely
    the colors are so warm
    I really like the Wauters

  8. What if I pose like one nudy asian lady, LOL...

    I guess, the internet server will explode. Kidding aside.

    Cool photos, girl...

    Have a cool w/end.

  9. Di: I couldn't find biographical information. I don't know if Camille is a woman or man. Though I'm sure about the model! ;-)

    richie: are you now simchie? I have located some Asian nudes by a Japanese contemporary painter. I'll have to dig those up. Thanks for the visit.

    Jams: thanks!

  10. I have located some Asian nudes by a Japanese contemporary painter. I'll have to dig those up.

    From experience, I suggest that you do so under cover of darkness and, preferably, when there is a dense fog.

  11. I saw your poll about having portraits painted. I would be fine with someone painting a portrait from a photograph of me, but I would hate having to sit still long enough to have them do it in person.

  12. Pagan,

    Alice Neel... I was unfamiliar with her work, but I looked up quite a few. I can't say I like them - they sure aren't pretty. But I would love to see some in person, and I admire her style, her guts, and her approach.


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