Friday, December 11, 2009

The Friday Evening Nudes

I'm kind of nervous. I've never taken requests for nudes before. And as I suspected, at least a couple of you  have put me in somewhat of a compromising position. But I did ask for suggestions and what kind of art hostess would I be if I did not fill requests graciously, right?   ;-)

  This one goes out to Susan, who requested a nude by illustrator Edmund Dulac. But I'm adding a bonus:  one by Dulac I found tucked into a file labeled "illustrators".  Susan, thanks. I went on a Dulac hunt after I read your comment. Your work reminds me of this style. Heavenly. 

Mermaid and Prince

 Selene and Endymion
Edmund Dulac

And if I had gained Susan's permission earlier (I didn't think of it until later) I would also be posting one of her own images. Honestly, they are in the same league as Dulac.

I do have this mandala that I received as a blog award and it is made by Susan. So, though it has nothing to do with nudes, it sort of fits with the mood of this post. I think. Then again, it does have something to do with nudes. Doesn't everything? Nudity is truly elemental.   :-)  You could most easily view Susan's paintings, sketches and silk art creations by visiting her at Phantsythat.

 Dianne:  This one is for you. The subject had to be in the company of a cat.  ;-)


Okay. There is nary a doubt about it:  I have quite the eclectic bunch showing up around here!  :-)

 Spadoman:  I did my best, my friend.  I haven't been successful in finding an image where one can actually read the thought bubbles, so I have not an exact idea of what the serpent trails off into...


Lemme Caution had no preferences so we'll go off for a bit on a Pagan Sphinx tangent. Shall we?

Emile Bernard

Albert Von Keller

Cupid and the Three Graces


5. And this one's for MadPriest:  I didn't know your tastes leaned toward the athletic.

 The authentic Tennis Girl:

Martin Elliot
click for larger viewing

My apologies for not linking to everyone's blogs. I've run out of time before I have to leave for dinner. 

Happy Hanukkah


  1. What an eclectic collection today.
    And Hannukah!

    You are too much- love it!

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  2. I really love the Dulac.
    Does the girl by the water remind you at all of one of your daughters?

  3. I love "mine" !!!
    thank you
    I'm going to try that position when I want my breasts to stay up, it appears to work for her ;)

    you're wonderful ya know

  4. Dianne: I'll have you know that the Valloton I posted for you is one of my personal favorites. :-) And it's not just cuz I am a D-cup. ;-)

    Ditto to the "wonderful", my friend.

  5. Taking requests seemed to result in the broadest spread of styles so far! I agree that the Dulac's are in the same vein as Susan's work, and that Susan's work could stand beside them. I love the Valloton, and the Bernard; those are probably my favorites in this set. The Crumb reminds me of Picasso, the way the lower half of Eve is proportioned. It seems right for the mother of the whole human race. In other ways, of course, it's quite different from Picasso - Crumb plainly LIKES women... And the tennis shots made me grin. They're both beautiful figures, but the first one seems more womanly to me. I think that's what I find off-putting about the current fashion in female models - they're too boyish for my taste.

  6. Valloton...WOW!!!
    eclectic...I love it.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Steve: I like a more voluptuous figure as well. However, neither tennis girl is my type, really.

    I'm not convinced that Picasso didn't like women, so much as he saw them in a very different way. Maybe experienced is a better word than "saw".

    I have nothing to go on there except perception. I know he was not a nice person. Otherwise I don't know that much about his life. That type of reading is what I'm looking forward to this summer. And On The Road by Jack Karouc. :-)

    Jams, Bobbie, Liza and Cloudia - I'm glad you enjoyed the nudes!

  8. I like all of them but my fave is the Von Keller.

  9. All stunning, all beautiful, and yes Bobbie, the first Dulac is a ringer for our SG1!

    And I shared Steve's chuckle at the commando tennis ladies. :)

    Oh, and the connection to the flavour and quality of Susan's work is entirely apt, she's every bit that amazing!

    Beautiful post as usual, Gina. I have no idea how you find these works of art, but am grateful that you do!

  10. Well, you did say photographs were okay.

    "Tennis Girl" never graced my wall, either. But it is an iconic image and, as it was the most purchased poster of the 1970s, a major example of "the peoples' art." As a student of folk traditions I respect the taste of "the man in the street." And, anyway, it has a lot more in common with the great works of Renaissance art than most contemporary art pieces. And it's more tasteful. Tennis Girl only shows us her butt. David showed the world everything he'd got.

  11. r.crumb! Good stuff.

  12. CR: SG1 does have similar fine features like that. I'm glad you enjoy the art. It's a form of therapy for me.

    MP: Yes, I did say photos were fine. I have no objection to your request. Whatever I said in the post was just jesting. It sure beats the pants off (pun intended) of a picture I saw once of a girl in camo underwear, holding a Thompson machine gun. It's not so much that I objected to it, as I don't really care about stuff like that. It was the expression on her face, like she was ready to take out an entire village. Ugh.

  13. Just once in my life I got to see an exhibition of Dulac's paintings at a special show at the RISD Museum. I'd only ever had access to his prints before but the real ones blew me away and I practically had to be dragged out. I only wish my work was a tenth as good but I really appreciate your wonderful comparison.. and those of my other friends here who agreed.

    I loved seeing the Crumb. We got a copy of his rendition of The Book of Genesis as soon as it was released and it is wonderful. Good choice Spadoman.

    All of your entries this time were great and I love that you asked for suggestions.

  14. Thanks for looking for, finding and posting an R. Crumb nude. There is a large selection in the large coffee table book that chronicles his life in art. Quite interesting in its own right to be sure.
    The rest of the posted pieces are fantastic, as are all of the art posts here. If I want to learn, this is the place.

    Thanks again.


  15. i really enjoyed that :) the dulac segment is my fave- although i laughed pretty good at the authentic tennis girl :) hope you had a nice holiday :)


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