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Artist of the Week - Suzanne Valadon

Hello, all! Before we delve fully into the work of Suzanne Valadon, I wanted to check in with you all regarding comment  approval on the blog. I thought I'd be able to remove it by now but the Asian porn sites are still at it. It's a lot lighter but I don't want to risk removing the feature for fear that the next time I check my email, there will be twenty in one day, in posts dating back month and months; making them hard to remove. I've also recently rejected several comments from pharmaceutical sites. Maybe as a result of the mental health posts? I don't know.  

Thanks to those of you who stopped by with Thanksgiving wishes. To be honest, it meant a lot to me. Many of you are juggling complicated life and family schedules, keeping blogs with large readerships and I know at least one of you is writing a novel! I can't get over my good fortune in finding a sense of friendship and community through blogging. 

May love keep you always.

Pagan Sphinx

 The Net Throwers

  The Net Throwers


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Suzanne Valadon is perhaps best known as an artist's model than as a gifted painter in her own right.  Below is a sampling of paintings by famous artists for whom she posed. She learned a great deal about painting from these masters, who recognized her talent and originality.  In 1915, she had her first one person exhibition, which became a critical as well as a commercial success.

When Suzanne Valadon died in 1938, her funeral was attended by Picasso,  Andre Derain and George Braque.

Toulouse Latrec
Portrait of Suzanne Valadon

Valadon modeled for this painting:Dance at Bougival
by Renoir

Suzanne Valadon

Maurice Utrillo
(Valadon's son and also a well regarded painter; gaining the reputation as the half-mad alcoholic of Montmartre)

André Utter
(her husband)
Suzanne Valadon se coiffant


Adam and Eve


The Fortune Teller





Portrait de famille
 (Valdon, son Maurice Utrillo, husband  Andre Utter and Utter's mother)


  1. The porn and pharmaceutical spam has been plentiful the past couple of weeks. I've had it, and I've seen a number of others have had it too. You are not alone in this. Whenever I'm tempted to stop my pre-screening of comments, it pops up again.

  2. Yes, but what did you think of the art? :-)

  3. Very lovely stuff, Gina.

    I'm really amazed at the connections you've made here - Thanks!

  4. gina, I learn so much from your posts, do I tell you often enough? probably not! but i really do, i need to do a little of this study and maybe i would learn something more? this was a wonderful, full to bursting post and so interesting....she is one i want to learn more about...i was intrigued one time she's a blond! and that one of the nude girl and the forgotten doll...hmmm...makes you wonder what in the world! well, me anyway...

    so i am hoping you had a good holiday and wanted to thank YOU for your generous comments on my blog-s, you are wonderfully supportive and I so appreciate your kind words! you take care of you. :)

    oh, the spam, yes, i had them for months and kept the comment mod on on posts past 4 days or so, w/o the wv after awhile and they went away...i also took off every post they seemed to come to and that really did it...knock wood, they don't come back now...i know, it's a pain to find all that spam in one day!

  5. each and every piece is wonderful!
    as far as the comment approval, i understand. i have just started getting some on old posts, if it becomes too much I will do the same. Wishing you NO more junk in the comments!

  6. i've been getting more spam comments too :( wonder whats up. it's cool that she was a model but also had such talent herself.

  7. What a treat this is. (I'm supposed to be working, heh). How wonderful to see Valadon portrayed in so many ways. And then to see her work as well. Thank you for sharing this.

    I'm doing the comment moderation for posts over 6 days old (find it under settings, comments). So far, so good. I get 2-3 that have to be rejected a day (on old posts)

  8. I don't think art gets any better than this. For me, at least.

    Thanks all for the comments.

    Lisa: you're the novel writer I was thinking of!


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