Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Gallery - Festival of Nymphs

Nymphs Offering the Young Bacchus Caesar
 Finding Nymphs
John Williams Waterhouse
Diana and her Nymphs Surprised by the Fauns-

Nymphs Listening To The Songs of Orpheus
Charles François_Jalabert
William Bouguereau

 Hylas and the Nymphs
dryads - from the word for tree or oak, tree nymphs or sometimes used for nymphs in general
  • meliads - of the ash trees or fruit trees in general
  • hamadryads - tree nymphs who are born and die with their trees
  • oreades - of the mountains
  • naiads - of springs, general bodies of water
  • heleads - nymphs of the fen
  • epimeliads - protectors of sheep and their flocks
  • leimoniads - nymphs of the meadows or flowers
  • limnades - nymphs of lakes, marshes, and swamps
  • okeanids - nymphs of fountains and streams, daughters of okeanos
  • potameides - nymphs of the rivers
  • nereids - nymphs of the ocean, daughters of nereus
  • pteleades - of elm trees
  • hudriades - water nymphs in general
  • some notable individual nymphs from mythology: thetis, echo, daphne, maia


  1. It's a neat selection once again as well as a good lesson about the names. The Rubens looks more like a rape than a nice surprise but I tend to pick and choose my old masters. My favorite is the Waterhouse.

  2. Hi, Susan
    I'm glad you called Rubens out on that (and me) and I would have to agree. I need to stop being a slave to the theme! ;-) The man are "fawns" and I guess that could mean that they are man-headed and deer footed? :-D In any event, In my header painting, I like the way that lone Satyr is being dragged into the water by the nymphs; perhaps for misbehaving, I always fantasized, because the nymphs don't look terribly displeased. But then again, the laws of the mythical world were far different, I suppose!

    I like the last Waterhouse the best. Which Waterhouse is the one you liked?

  3. Hi Pagan,
    Definitely the last one but I wouldn't say no to Finding Nymphs on my living room wall. Of course, it would have some competition from the original Ratchet and Clank artwork we'd be hanging in the dining room :-)

    I like your header painting too for the same reasons as you but I've always found Rubens rather gross and gaudy.

  4. I've actually dreamt of thetis, echo, daphne and maia. At least I think it was them, either way, it was both strange and wonderful.

  5. Fascinating to finally see where the Bouguereau study, which I've known for years from some museum - not sure which one, was actually used! She's the figure on the far left... she may be in our NC State Museum of Art.

    Waterhouse gets my vote for the most nymphy females. They seem so fragile and adorable - and so unpredictable and dangerous... Otherworldly.


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