Sunday, August 23, 2009

We Dig Nova Scotia

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This year's trip netted us some cool new finds on the beautiful Fundy Shore. We had excellent weather, beyond the first day we spent in the Spencer's Island area, when it was somewhat overcast and on the cool side. We visited this location last year but this was our first time camping here.

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Spencer's Island, as seen from the campground. Once seasonally used but no longer inhabited.

Ron, the local gentleman pictured below (with dog Tinker) told us this crazy story about a local restaurateur who packed up his sheep flock and brought it to Spencer's Island for the summer, thinking how low-maintance they would be with plenty to eat and drink, only to discover when he went back for them, that they'd turned rouge and refused to cooperate when he tried to round them up. As legend has it, "he had to shoot 'em all so they wouldn't freeze over the winter". Hmmmm, you say? Well, Nova Scotia is a quirky place.

Spencer's Island Lighthouse
(dates back to 1904)

We hiked down a couple of very steep trails to two beautiful waterfalls to spend the hot afternoons. There are several more waiting to be discovered next year when we go back. See the post entitled Postcards from Nova Scotia for a waterfall picture.

And as if beautiful hot, sunny, relatively dry weather, good company and beautiful scenery weren't enough, we stumbled on the icing in the form of a blurr of brightly painted yellow concrete as we motored by The Charles McDonald Concrete House Museum and Sculpture Garden in the Annapolis Valley village of Centreville. We went to check it out, of course

and discovered the world of Nova Scotia folk artist Charles McDonald - a painter, builder, sculptor, sailor and socialist, who died in 1967. We were smitten with the quirkiness and character of the museum which was once Charles' and his wife Mabel's main home. We found out about several of the cottages that were also built by Charles McDonald in nearby Hall's Harbor and went to visit three of those as well.Charles McDonald's cottages are often called "faerie houses". This is was referred to as The Blue Cottage, by Mr. McDonald's grand-nephew who arranged a tour of the inside for us. It's the absolute most charming and original little house I've ever seen; both outside and in. The chimney is made from painted rocks, there is an outdoor toilet and shower and it's a stone's throw to the beach, which we went directly to after our tour of the cottages. And the fireplace works. And there is a tiny balcony off the bedroom with a view of the beach below.

So guess where we're staying during next summer's visit to Nova Scotia? Yes. We fanagled a two week stay. I hope the faeries can keep themselves amused until we arrive, because I don't know how I am ever going to wait. I am happier than Mona Lisa, who was intepreted by "science" as being "83% Happy". Wait. Or was it 86%? I dare say for the first time in my life, I feel charmed. And I think it does have to do with faery magic, though I'm not quite sure how. ;-)

You Know How That Mona Gets Around
Taken in Wolfsville, Nova Scotia

I'll be putting up a slideshow of our trip which will include more photos of the McDonald museum and cottages. 'Till then...

All the love,
Pagan Sphinx


  1. I love the place,
    the wonderful house,
    and your take on it all!

    aloha-Comfort Spiral

  2. How quaint those cottages. I love the pics. I've never been before, but I want to get to the Northeast of this continent. Thanks for the story and pictures. Can't wait to see more pics.
    Did you camp out a lot? Cook yourself? Or eat out? What kinds of places. food?
    Are there paved roads out in the country? (thinking motorcycle trip).
    Ron's dog looks a lot like my new companion, Zeke.
    I love the thought of a flannel shirt in August.
    The beaches look so rugged. Can't wait for more.

  3. Cloudia: I'm really glad you enjoyed the post. It's all I can about - Nova Scotia.

    Ron was a talker. I'd seen him earlier walking with his dog on the beach; we were walking in outside directions. When I turned around to go back, there he was talking to WP. I hope you get to go one of these summer, Spadoman!

  4. Well narrated post...
    I found the place very appealing and cool.
    Well composed post with great photographs and beautiful lines.

  5. Hi P.S, we want so badly to visit Nova Scotia. It seems that every time we make plans to go something falls through.

    I have a MidWeek Blues entry on my Little Photo and Poem Place blog now.

    At the bottom are directions for doing it, basically just write and tell Rebecca.

    This week it seems we will have to tell her in a comment--what I just did and found your question--though when she is here she has a Mr. Linky.

    I will look for a Mr. Linky later, perhaps things are still working from Europe.

  6. Gurrrl, you're tweaking my Wandering Leg!

    Great post, beautiful pictures, and as usual, your take on things really hit the mark!


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