Monday, May 25, 2009

Graduation Photos!

SG1 and Beloved had their graduation this weekend. Graduation at Mt. Holyoke is traditionally a two-day event. On Saturday, Laurel Parade was held. If you're truly interested in the meaning of Laurel Parade at Mt. Holyoke, click this link. Otherwise, in my own words, it's an event that celebrates both the graduating class and Mary Lyon, the college's founder. Ulumi from graduating classes as far back as the 1930's join the graduates in the parade and hold their own reunion events.

Day One
Laurel Parade

The women all wear white and carry what seems to be an endless garland of laurel. Above are SG1 and Beloved that I captured during a lull in the parade, since I wasn't content to sit in one spot, but followed the paraders to their destination...

Mary Lyon's grave.

There are no speeches, just a swarm of young women in white wrapping the laurel garland around the wrought iron fence and their guests looking on and cheering. It was all quite charming.

Below, SG1 and Beloved take a break after the parade to chat and review the rest of the afternoon's agenda for the family.

But not for long, as introducitons needed to be made between their families and some fellow graduates and friends. And so of course, I had to take pictures!

Day Two The Actual Graduation:

Mount Holyoke
One Hundred Seventy-Second Commencement

Empty ampatheater seating, awaiting the graduates.

SG1 Bachelor of Arts in Politics
magna cum laude & with thesis honors

Beloved Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies
Cum Laude & with High Thesis Honors

From the graduation we came to my house for a small get-t0gether by the river, which included Beloved's parents and younger brother. It was wonderful to meet them. They're very excellent poeple.

Below are the graduates and to the right L.P., my younge step-daughter and on the far left my SG2.

The graduates/newly weds enjoying some cake...

and poignantly looking out over the river
(poignancy courtesy of the Cunning Runt) ;-)

Related links

Address was given by Irish president Mary McAleese.

Green Commencement at Mount Holyoke College. Every graduating class has a color and the color for the MHC class of 2009 is green.


  1. How absolutely amazing, and how absolutely beautiful it is to find ourselves at this point along life's road!

    You've captured both days amazingly well, to such a degree that I have littler to add, except for my appreciation of your essential contributions to making this happen.

    Thanks, Gina, and congratulations! :)

  2. What a heartwarming and beautiful post.Thank you for sharing!

  3. Yes, thanks for sharing. Just beautiful. Congrats to the Graduates, a life long full of happiness.


  4. Sincerest congratulations to both.
    Thank you for including us in your celebration.

  5. this is so moving and absolutely lovely~thank you for sharing everything with us! and congratulations to the beautiful graduates too.

    many blessings to them for their future together...

  6. Its a very proud day the the student and also the family, I felt very proud of my son when it happened.Great shots.

  7. so I'm a bit teary right now, not too sappy I hope :)

    I love the garland, the wonderful connection of all these amazing women - past, present - and future

    what a beautiful family!!

    I had to laugh at the "poignancy" credit - that was perfect
    I adore photos of people looking out or away - they are indeed very touching

    all my love to SG1 and the Beloved

  8. What a darling couple they are! What an exciting time of life!

  9. Very beautiful! Especially the garland laying, and all those white dresses. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Dianne, you have company. I am a very soppy type. It's funny how one can be so moved by the lives of people one has never met.

    Wonderful photos capturing a very wonderful event. Congratulations to the bright and now graduated couple. Love and blessings to them and those who cherish them.

    I think it is true that a grief shared is halved and a joy shared is doubled.

  11. Such beautiful women all ... congrats to you/and families on SG1 and Beloved's graduation ... congrats to the graduates!

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