Monday, April 20, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

You know I've made a blogging comeback when the first real, substantive post I put up is based on a blog award. A tad pathetic perhaps, but it does the trick for entertaining me at the moment. Besides, I like it that the famous Utah Savage (the esteemed blogger) whom I most admire, thought of me when doling off her honest scrap. :-) I mean, the woman inspires great painters! Enough said.

Thank you, Peggy and may you spread these little trinkets my way any time. Anything that gets me back to your blog. With the added bonus of making me feel less like a failure in life. ;-) I'm a bit droll these days. My apologies.

I've yet to get the rules of this award straight. I think you're supposed to invent seven honest things about yourself and then pass the award on to seven other bloggers. I think that's where the honest factor comes in. Sort of. I also noticed something about poetry and I perked up! Poetry? Why, of course. Poet? Of course not! :-)

In any event, it's all fun and good, isn't it? If I've failed to follow the rules, I may either have flopped the award meme or created my own! Who knows, right?

The Seven Honest Things (is this sort of like The Seven Deadly Sins? That was a brilliant one from Kay, wasn't it?

1) I love to eat raw fish and seaweed. Sometimes I scare myself trying to figure out what creature(s) I would have been in other lives.

2) I am fiercely protective of those I love.

3) I am very practical and I have common sense; usually. Especially in terms of every-day life matters, raising a family, work, etc. I often butt heads with people who are neither smart, creative nor flexible and who are incapable of articulating their ideas or don't want to. I know. It sounds arrogant. It is, probably. But I'm being honest, knowing I am neither an angel nor a demon. My name is Gina. :-) I'm okay. Ha! That feels good to say!

4) I am sensitive. My emotional side is always at odds with my rational side. I believe that I am almost equally in charge of all the sides of my brain. I am bad with numbers but functional with geometry and patterns. I had a very early and precocious predisposition to literature, poetry, art, nature and equally so a keen sense of people; (unfortunately mostly mixed) by a pretty young age. I loved my parents and they loved me and come to think of it, that's all that really matters. :-)

5) It takes a long time to really get to know me and thus really love me. ;-) But I think it's worth it! :D

6) One of my favorite quotes: "Love all, trust a few, do harm to none."
~Willy the Shake
If I were to reinvent that quote to suit me personally, I would change it to

"Be civil to all, trust and love a few, do harm to none or nothing." ~ Pagan Sphinx

Okay. So I'm not Shakespeare. But you get my drift. I hope.

7) I'm currently in love with a family friend's dog; a bulldog named Omar. Just look at that face! I don't so much know if it's the breed or this particular dog. All I know is that if Omar ever needed a home, I would take him in in a heartbeat! What a sweetie!

Isn't he cute?

Honestly, while I personally enjoy these awards, I'm at a point where I don't know who to give them to because it's hard to keep track of who likes them and who doesn't and, even, who has already received it a hundred times. Instead of giving the award, I'll link you to seven great blogs and if their respective blogger wish to pick up the award and display it, by all means. As always, no obligations! We all have enough of those in our day to day, non-blogging lives, right? I just hope you pay a visit to these lovely people, if you haven't already.

Little Bang Theory - Cunning Runt
The Five of Us - Catherine
Phantsy That - Susan
Color Sweet Tooth - Steve
After the Bridge - Sherry
Betmo's Corner - Betmo
Imac's Photos from the Mind's Eye - Imac
Why, What Have You Heard? - Mojo (plus a huge thanks for helping with my photo sizing)
Forks Off The Moment & Do You See What I See? Dianne

I think that's more than seven but I've never good at counting...


  1. I can't get over your words - "...a failure in life"

    Of all people, Gina, YOU are NOT a failure in life!

    Anyway, congratulations on the award. Love you, girl.

  2. i really liked your answers. mine are up. thank you so very much.

    the sweet doggy looks like a boxer to me. i've had 3 of them including my beloved chester(had to have him put down at 13 and 1/2 about 5 years ago and i miss him the most of all my pets!

    i'd have gotten another but i am not as strong as i used to be and so i have little fat max! : )

  3. On the practical and sensitive sense, I'm like you. As well as on many other way to approach life.
    I just discovered I am on the list. And I feel proud of it. The more difficult part is to give to to others, not that people to award are few, but, as you said, it's difficult to know if people will appreciate to receive it. I think you've got round the difficulty cleverly, Gina. I'll do the same if you don't mind. That's an easy way to satisfy the "giver" and the "receiver".
    It will take me time to do it, in french and english, given I'm on holidays. But I'll do it in a few days.
    Thanks for your interesting blogs and to propose me this award.

  4. mmmm.... that means i have to be honest. mmmm.... ok. :) i'll see what i can do :)

    it's funny- i think you and i are quite a bit alike- maybe even psychically linked- because i just had a bought where i felt like a really crappy, ugly person. maybe it's spring?

  5. Dearest Betmo: who said anything about feeling like a crappy, ugly person? ;-) Well, okay. Maybe a little bit sometimes! :-D

    As far as telling the truth, I did write "invent" seven honest things about yourself. I didn't invent mine. In fact, I went out of the way, for a change to be really honest, for a change! :-) But you can do whatever you choose and I'll believe you! (tongue in cheek).

    I have a tendency toward droll humor but perhaps the devilery of such is not always understood! Uh. I mean delivery. Ha. :-)

  6. I'm both grateful and delighted you thought of me when passing out your lovely awards.

    'It takes a long time to really get to know me and thus really love me. ;-) But I think it's worth it!'

    It didn't take me long at all :-) and I think the dog is cool. Another sign you have good taste.

  7. Susan: I happen to think you are wonderful. And I love the way you paint tigers and Utah Savage! ;-)

  8. it's the new math! close to 7 is good enough

    love Omar, he's got soul

    adore you!! thanks for the award
    lately I've been feeling like just plain scrap lol but it passes

  9. Di: hahahaha! To quote Joni Mitchell:

    "When it comes to mathematics, I've got static in the attic". :-)

    Love you! I sometimes feel more like crap than even plain scrap. But you're right, it does pass.

  10. Very nicely done. And we think alike and isn't that odd, since our lives are so not alike at all. I too chose Steve Emery. I know memes and awards can be a bother, but this one was given to me by a Ugandan teenager for my poetry. I now find I have a lot of traffic on my poetry blog and most of it is Ugandan. Why I wonder, and how ever did they find it?

  11. Sherry: I love Max. Now, what breed is he? I'm not good with dog breeds. I'm off to that place after the bridge to read your post now. :-) ((hug)))

    Catherine: It's a pleasure to get to know you, Catherine. And as I said, there is no obligation what-so-ever. If and when you do post, let me know. I will want to read it!

  12. Well imagine that - me, late!Well, ok, it's "honesty time" - I'm always late!!! :lol:

    Your list was indeed honest and truly you.

    Thanks, Gina, for thinking of me, though I'm in a state of mental constipation and can barely type a comment, never mind any of the posts I've had rattling around in my head. (I haven't even gotten half way through my California photo excursion yet!)

    Anyway, I hope it's the thought that counts, as that's all I'm likely to produce in the immediate future...


  13. CR: It IS the thought that counts. You know that about me! :-)

    Mental constipation? I think I am too. I'm trying to think but nothin's happenin'. :D I think it's a line from The Three Stooges you introduced me to. Those guys always kinda made nervous, hitting each other all the time! Love you, man!

  14. if you want the other award to round out the collection you so richly deserve than please be my guest :-)

  15. Omar is fearsomely cute: pet him for me?

    [Disclaimer: I think ALL dogs are cute, in their own ways!]


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