Sunday, February 22, 2009

What's Goin' On

I'm still quite sick. Fighting off infections with antibiotics, natural remedies and anything else that may work. And the headache continues, though currently abated with the help of lots of Excedrin.

The headaches are a result of an injury due to a fall about five years ago. The fall caused a whiplash type injury that comes back to haunt me through neck and headache pain. Only to be kept under control by neuro-muscular pain relief administered by The Man with the Magic Hands. But it costs; a lot. He's very willing to cut me some slack on the sliding scale right now but I feel guilty because I am in a better place than most. I do have health insurance for me and the Supergirls but it's costing CR and me a small fortune per month, whereas up until two months ago, the girls' coverage was free through his plan, which he no longer has. Lack of a comprehensive single-payer national health plan is killing this country's people -both financially and literaly. I actually have Sicko on hand from Netflix to watch sometime today. Just what I need to perk up my spirits...

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that we got home safely and that despite my various ailments, I'm actually fine, overall. WP's mother is in intensive care but doing well, so we'll be visiting her today and then I'm going down to see SG1 for a tiny bit to deliver some goodies. She and The Beloved are in the throws of thesis writing and have little time for anything else. The good news is that The Beloved is being heavily courted by UC Santa Barbara, who are paying her flight and accomodations to go visit the university. They really want her, so hopefully that means a good package for her there.

Do you want to see a couple of pictures from New York? I leave you with these.

Judy Chicago's place for Emily Dickinson at The Dinner Party
(more on this exhibit at The Brooklyn Museam, in a future post)

Rodin sculpture, in the foyer of The Brooklyn Museaum


  1. That top photo reminds me of a vajayjay on a plate. No offense.

  2. So sorry you aren't over your health problems yet. Health Care in this country is a joke. Only not a funny one. What good is Medicare when their yearly deductible is so high as to be impossible for people on Social Security to pay. And supplementary insurance is so costly it too is often beyond the reach of many. I have that, but still have a much lower deductible I'm struggling with.

    But your museum pictures are wonderful.

  3. Amanda: LOL A vjayjay?? Ha! Yes, it does. I think it's sorta supposed to. :-)

    Bobbie: thanks, luv. I'm working on getting better. Healthcare is a very bad joke indeed. I think about it constantly; not just in terms of myself and my own family, but also for the nation.

  4. I do hope you're feeling better, it's the pits to be sick! And, as you say, health care is a friggin' joke! I've been battling asthma for the past ten days and I would so love to get a deep breath for a change! Do take care, and do something lovely, just for you, you're worth it!

  5. If there's going to be recovery on a national level both healthcare and education must be delevereged. Neither should be considered optional .

    I'm sorry to hear you're still not feeling well and hope you have a speedy recovery.

  6. I hope that your feeling better soon! Awesome shots!

  7. I'm sorry you're sick, Sphinx. Did I know you were coming to New York? I'm glad you got to the Brooklyn Museum and enjoyed yourself here. Maybe the next time we could get together? :)

  8. 'sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy'- no idea why that song popped into my head :) in a john denver state of mind i guess :) feel better- there is still beauty in the world here and there. you manage to find quite a bit of it. in spite of the vjayjay on a plate ;)

  9. I am so sorry you are still miserable and with the injury, wonder if and when you will start to recover? hopefully soon!

    the health care is costing us so much money for our health insurance, that we pay for ourselves because we are self-employed, that we keep having to raise the deductible ($1200 premium a month and going up), that lowers the prescription coverage and on and on and on...we are wondering what the next premium increase will be as there always is one about now and, in the meantime, my doctor does not take insurance so is not on the plan and I need some very expensive tests that won't be covered because we are in a new year and haven't met the deductible(which we had to increase!)....I suppose I should consider myself lucky I have it but the whole situation is getting to be ridiculously expensive while the bills keep right on coming in for my health care and drugs! oh never mind...

    lovely pictures, as always, excepting the top one! :)

  10. one small step at a time...nag nag nag. am sending you some chicken soup through cyber mail. hugs.

  11. Sylvia: Asthma has got to be the tips - not being able to breathe well. And here I am complaining about a UTI, headache and a yeast infection. And Sylvia, I did do something for myself: I went shopping and got a few good end-of-season deals. It actually helped a bit. Thinking of you, Sylvia!

    Susan: Thanks for the get-well wishes; you're a luv. Thinking about you and your lovely Fridays off! :-)

    Roger: I'm happy you liked the pictures and thanks for the get-well wishes, too!

    Mary: That would be grand. I actually forgot you're in NYC. I almost got together with another blogger from NYC but when I became overwhelmed by my myriad of health issues, I had to give up on it.

    Betmo: I'm an old John Denver fan from way back. My friends and I had all the 45s. My childhood is all tied up in those songs. Thinking of you, Bet.

    Linda: oh, rats! I can only imagine how you pay per month and on top of it having to spend $1200 before the plan kicks in. That smarts. Thinking of you and will email you with more requests about the post I'm working on. :-)

    Linda: I take it you don't like the Emily platter!!?? I think it's pretty cool, actually. But then again I saw the whole thing - each place setting was one-of-a-kind. Maybe seeing that way makes a difference.

  12. OK, you've been sick long enough. Get better. if you ever listened to me! ;)

    And yeah, you know I'm wrestling with the insurance issue, not just the ridiculous premiums and $2000 deductible, but also the availability of it.

    Makes me worry about SG1 finding a new plan with a "pre-existing condition" and all.

    We REALLY ALL NEED TO PUSH for Single-Payer.

    End of rant.

  13. I am so sorry about your illness! How awful. I hope it improves rapidly. And it was a shame that it overhung the NY trip.

  14. Feel better, Gina.

    [FYI, Amanda: Judy Chicago's The Dinner Party is a three-sided table, w/ "vajayjay" plates from women (real & mythological!) throughout history. My grandmother saw it in its first run (c. 1979), and I inherited her guidebook to the exhibition. :-)]

  15. Whoo....such a fancy vajayjay. I don't have ruffles around mine...LOL

  16. hope you feel better soon.

    i love the rodin.

  17. I'm glad you made it to Brooklyn but I'm so sorry you're in pain

    I can't even talk about health insurance anymore - it's just too much for me at times

    love ya
    feel better


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