Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Good Articles on the Invasion of Gaza

Israeli Voices for Peace
Amy Goodman

Israel May Face War Crimes


  1. Thanks for putting up these links. I do get Huffington Post. We all really have to stay on top of Mr. Obama's promises and follow up.

  2. Another year and the world keeps on eating itself with hatred. Let's keep praying for peace.

    Thanks for coming over to my 'blog'. I'm in a bit of a blogging dilemma at the moment. I lost my way with everything that was going on last year and now don't really have much to write about I'm afraid.

    Peace to you and yours.

  3. Thanks for posting this. The Palestinians need all the help they can get if they are going to survive.

  4. the one sided reporting here continues - it is disgusting

    last night one of the networks ran an interview with an Isreali father who broke down in tears over how frightened his children are - their school is evacuated many times a day - he is touching and poignant and reflective - they practically set fucking music to it

    and then they go directly to a woman in Gaza wailing and rocking back and forth in the dirt while young men shout behind her - no context, no explanation and of course no one speaks to the woman.

    with the average American having the attention span of a fruit fly this crap works and them that own the news know it

    BTW - did I piss you off during the 3 day marathon over at my Gaza post? I was trying to keep the conversation going and then thought maybe you felt I had weakened my position.

  5. Dianne,
    I did not feel that way at all! From reading virtually every comment on that thread, I think I understand what happened. I didn't see anything you said as "weakening"; simply that sometimes you do have to give a little. Flexibility is important in debate if you want to keep friends and also not be viewed as such a hard-liner that no one can disagree with you.

    I'm sure I've done the same thing a few times - probably regarding the Obama campaign. I still waffle on him.

    My last comment on that thread had to do with the "fuck both sides" attitude; which I noticed from an earlier comment you could not cop either.

    Thanks, Di, for your outspokenness. I think you're very much in command of yourself when you speak out. I loves ya, woman!

  6. Good! I just needed to be sure.I get like that some times ;)

    I go to some blogs where everyone just agrees with each other and while it can be empowering and hell - fun and relaxing to all have a good bash we're preaching to the choir.

    I have always had this thing about pulling everyone in and at least trying to find common ground without falling off mine. It may come from being a parent since I was born.

    I love that I have the most eclectic group of readers - something for everyone and more - it's a good way to learn and make the world closer.

    Plus in the Gaza post I was feeling for Robin - she's not a friend but we do the same photo projects together and have always been friendly. Although - since the Gaza post she hasn't commented back on 2 photo projects which is a first for her so I don't know ... other than I know I was kind and respectful to her and that's all I owe anyone I disagree with.

    Did you see Kuccinich on Gaza. My friend Jay has it up - his blog is Bailey's Buddy

    loves ya too ;)

  7. Gina, did you see the link I sent you of the Jon Stewart piece on Gaza? (on your earlier Gaza thread)

    I was wondering what you thought of it.

  8. Again, thanks for the links. There are so many brilliant people talking about this, and the tree grows; just reading through the comments on most of them is heartening.

    Now we need to move the message upward to our decision-makers, or else it's just a lot of talk.

  9. SB: I'm just glad to know you're still out there. Blogging shouldn't be an obligation. We all have too many of those.

    I wish you and your family the best in the new year.

  10. JCF: I couldn't get the video to work. Been having problems with that lately. Will try again soon.

    Dianne: I sometimes wish there were more people who commented here that would challenge what I say. Though what I've seen on some other blogs is, in most cases, that when such dissagreement does occur, the people at odds don't seem to ever end up agreeing anyway and there are often very ruffled feathers.

    But in some cases, people have corrected me on things they already agree with generally and where I was mistaken with a fact. Or in the case of HRC, making me aware of things that I hadn't known before. That is fine and I welcome it.

    I guess I'm content to have it that way because I'm not sure that those who fundamentally disagree with me will ever agree. I don't need to have my emotional energy sucked up by people who just want to vent a different opinion altogether and go on and on about it.


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