Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Artist of the Week

Steve Emery

This week's artist is our very own Steve Emery of the blog Color Sweet Tooth. As I was searching my notes and the web for an artist to feature this week, it hit me. Why not feature the art of bloggers whose art I admire. Steve immediately came to mind.

I love Steve's art. It's intensely personal and filled with beautiful color that covers the canvas with life. Steve mostly works with watercolors and occasionally adds ink. He lives with his wife and two children North Carolina

A wonderful bonus of visiting Steve's blog is that he will often guide us through the artistic process. Sometimes he takes a photograph and posts it to the blog; followed by a sketch and finally by the finished painting. He writes beautifully about his inspirations, his muse and the details of the actual process of a painting. Steve's posts will often include tidbits about how his family reacts to a particular work-in-progress, giving the reader a very holistic glimpse into the life and work of a painter. If you don't have time to scroll through the posts (but I hope you do), I've linked to this artist statement on Steve's gallery web site.

If you're a regular bloggie friend here, you may have seen Steve's lengthy and substantive comments on some of my art posts. He adds so much intelligent insight and knowledge my bare-bones presentation, for which I am truly grateful. I feel fortunate that he comes by because I've learned so much from him but also because he's such a great person.

After seeing the following sampling of Steve Emery's work, I'm sure you'll want to see the rest of his online gallery. Stop by the blog, also, and tell him I sent you over!



Mistletoe House

The Elopement
See this post and this post; they explain the process of this painting



Stay tuned for next week's feature of another lovely blog artist in our neighborhood.


  1. Very nice!

    [I've already sent the cats, to a feline-loving friend]

    Love his way w/ bare trees...

  2. Awesome work - and thanks for posting it! I currently have a couple of windows open on my computer, and I'm looking at some of the paintings as I type.

    Oh - and by the by... That Seurat oil painting I posted is called "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte." It was painted in 1884, and it's currently hanging in The Met.

  3. Steve's work is amazing.

    And the clarity of his thoughts regarding art and images reveals a really special understanding of so much more than art.

    Thanks for being the nexus for us folks who would likely have never connected otherwise!

  4. Dear Pagan Sphinx, I am sitting in a hotel room, on the road on business, and the walls and place simply melted away as I read these very kind and lovely words about me and about my artwork. I am deeply touched. It will be delightful to meet even more wonderful blog world friends because of your post.

    I can't wait to see who you feature next!

    And the comments so far are also making me blush...

  5. One of my favorite contemporary artists! I love Steve's work. And Pagan, I think you selected all of my favorite pieces of his to feature here!

  6. Wow!! He's really an amazing and talented artist!! And to think, he's a fellow blogger! I like his works as well and more than a lot of some of the other famous artists you have shown in the past. This was a terrific idea and who knows maybe you'll help discover the next Monet or Picasso or whoever... you never know! :} I'll definitely check out his blog and others you post about! Great Idea!!

  7. I was going to say "Wow!", but Kelly beat me to it. So, I guess I'll just say, ummm, "Wow!" Those are spectacular pieces that you posted. I bet they look even better in real life, as opposed to on a computer screen. Thanks for introducing me to Mr. Emery's work. I will have to check out his blog.

  8. By the way, I tagged you for a meme, but if you don't like those kinds of things, or just don't feel like it, no offense taken.

  9. Oh, they're just wonderful!! Love the colors.

  10. I have no technical knowledge of art. Just know what I like, as tgey say. I like this! I like it vry much. The trees are so wonderful

  11. now, that's art :) beautiful colors and movement- and it looks like something :) lovely- thank you steve and than you pagan :)

  12. wow, i can't really pick a favorite, maybe mistletoe house, but really it's hard. they sing.

  13. I'm delighted to see you've featured Steve's work since there are so many things I admire about his talent and the way he expresses his vision. Having spent the greater part of my life drawing the lines of a peculiar world only I see and then staying inside them for the most part, Steve's proven ability to lay down some initial colors and consequently pull together dreamlike images of logical consequence I find very magical indeed.

    Thanks for showing us such a marvelous collection and thanks to you Steve for your clarity and deep appreciation of the natural world.

  14. I simply adore steve's work and this is such a lovely tribute....thank you pagan for a fabulous idea and spreading the word about steve's wonderfully creative work.

  15. His work is extraordinary. Thank you for spotlighting him here: what a great use of the medium!

    I've posted a new Thematic Photographic theme that I suspect you may like. I was thrilled that you were able to join in last week!

  16. What a wonderful post! Those who said so are right, the paintings are better in person than online - especially on our bedroom wall or over the bathtub (a large space which was blank for years, waiting for just the right thing, until we put up Steve's earlier painting of cats (http://www.sjemery.com/housecatslarge.JPG)).

    Anyway...I always love it when others enjoy Steve's work (think about it: "Of course you like it, you're my wife")(actually, I'm honest when I don't care for something too).

    BTW, I don't often comment because I'm usually online late in the evening when I'm too tired to write - but I just wanted to say that the photos of the elopement were absolutely lovely. They are so wonderfully in love (and I have a difficult time picking out my favorite photo - seated on the stairs, at the crosswalk, in the woods?!).

    AKA Moomin Light
    AKA Musiclectic
    AKA Steve's other half (grin)

    PS. Trying to resist, but I can't. "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte" is featured in Stephen Sondheim's fictional musical based on George Seaurat, "Sunday in the Park with George." It's one of my favorite musicals - reflecting on the creative process and how society views it - with fantastic performances by Mandy Patinkin and Bernadette Peters. It's available on DVD, and the final scene of act one, "Sunday" is the painting of "A Sunday on La Grande Jatte." http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4rllWsS0SQ

  17. hey, hi. i found a great little prop 8 video at some friend's blog and put it on mine. it's pretty cool.

  18. MLight: Welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by to comment on the post. I'm looking forward to hanging Woodpecker somewhere in our home. The bathroom is a great idea. But first, it'll have to be redecorated; the wallpaper scratched off so we can decorate without the clash of the florals. But I may not be able to wait, so I'll have to find space somewhere else to show it off.

    Thanks for the tip on the musical. I'm not big on musicals, usually but my daughters both love them. Sounds like a great family thing to do some day. I've seen Sunday at La Grande Jatte at the Met. It's a spectacular painting, isn't it? Probably one of the most recognizable impressionist paintings ever.

  19. Sherry: I will go to your blog to look at the video. Right now, in fact! Thanks for the tip.


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