Sunday, November 9, 2008

Boston Day Trip

I had a great day in Boston with my daughter SG2 who is a sophomore at Boston University. It was in the mid to high 60's, cloudy and breezy. People were out in droves.

SG2 and I decided to invest in time together and not try to take the T anywhere too far from her dorm. So we walked around Newbury Street together and poked in shops full of things we cannot readily afford. Then lunch at a cheap, pretty good Thai restaurant. Followed by a lot of walking in Boston Common. And we chatted up a storm and held hands a lot. What a sweet, affectionate, assertive, level-headed and deep-thinking person I helped to raised. It's hard to believe. Almost 20 and thinking so much about her future. It's all she talks about. I'm getting all sappy and teary-eyed now, so I'm just going to show you some photos from our day together.

Public Garden

SG2 Walking


  1. Lovely images of Boston.
    My son was there for several years - so lovely.

    And I enjoyed your shadow shot.
    Welcome to the gang!

  2. i love boston commons. :) you are so very lucky to have beautiful children and i give you and their dad kudos for the influence you have had over them. cherish the moments- and we will keep fighting so that sg1 can remain with her beloved and both sg1 and 2 will have a bright future. :)

  3. Elizabeth - thank you! And what a great gang of shadow shooters! I'm loving it!

    Betmo: you just made me teary-eyed. I can't tell you how much your comment means to me. I'm really moved that you think of us that way. We made so many mistakes, but I guess we did some things right. ((hug))

  4. It's fab that you have such a brilliant relationship with your daughter. What a gift.

  5. Lovely city, lovely girl, lovely autumn leaves. I'm glad the two of you had such a nice time together,

  6. Your pictures are wonderful! I spent some time in Boston a number of years ago and it was in the fall and the colors were so magnificent. You do have wonderful children and we will all continue to fight for the right for sg1 and 2 and all others seeking to be with the love of their life. It's a right that should belong to everyone. We all make mistakes when raising our kids -- I know I did, but they still turned out so great as I know yours have.

  7. Lovely girl your SG2!

    My last trip to Boston was more frustrating than anything else, which is a shame because it's a beautiful city. But I made the fatal mistake of trying to drive there which I'm sure the natives don't even recommend to each other, never mind a stranger to town.

    I'll go back there someday I'm sure, but when I do I'm parking in Proivdence and taking the train!

    Sounds to me like you've done a remarkable job bringing them both up. And with such level-headedness in the next generation maybe there's hope for us after all.

  8. BTW, love your new avatar... I'm a big fan of peace as you probably know ;)

  9. I just read the blog you told me about in your comment, what a great piece! Originally from Texas I knew exactly what Kay was speaking of -- those things enraged me then and they still do. Thanks for telling me about it.

  10. We spent 16 years living in Providence but Boston was definitely the go-to city when we needed a hit. I even learned to drive around in it which is no small thing since legend had it that the streets were formerly cow paths. Your photos are wonderful and sg2 is lovely. Best wishes on a Sunday afternoon from boring, rainy Portland.

  11. SB: It's nice to enjoy the fruits of one's labor - the teen years are tough on parents and kids. Phew.

    Bobbie: Yes, Boston is a nice city; full of history and a lot of great things to do.

    Sylvia: thank you; thank you so much. Your kindness and support mean a lot to me.

    And wasn't Kate's account of the Texas gun show so interesting? It's highly recommended reading for anyone who visits my blog. The Morningstar Chronicles is on my list of blogs.

    Mojo: Thanks for stopping by. Two things that drew me to your blog: great photography and a willingness to promote peace. Keep on blogging; you've got a lot to share!

    Peace to all!

  12. Mojo: about driving in Boston; your analysis is correct. I never drive in Boston; preferring to add an hour to my travel time, drive to the train station and then take the T into the city from North Station. Boston is hell on wheels, literally. It's easier to find your way around NYC without a doubt.

    Susan: I've read some of the great stories you've written about your time in Providence. I spent a very memorable weekend there when I was 20. It included seeing Joni Mitchell with Pat Metheney and Jaco Pastorius at the Providence Civic Center. And. Romance. :-)

  13. Boston is a great City and the University is gorgeous, so much history! We took the kids there probably 15 years ago or so and it was terrific. I believe we went to an aquarium and some really cool museums in town. Very Fun!!

    Also, Congrats on being one of the Winners!!! I sent you an e-mail!

  14. Lovely post, and lovely daughter. And thanks for the photos of Boston. My dearest and I have fond memories, since our only real time apart was when she was at MIT, and I got to visit for one pretty wonderful week.

  15. Ahh, Shadows and Light! The song 'Free Man in Paris' still can bring tears to my eyes.

    I met her once. She joined my then 5 year old son and me on a stroll along Vancouver's Granville St. I think my charming Benj captured her heart.

  16. It looks like a fabulous day to visit with your beautiful daughter.

  17. I'm so proud of that young lady, and so impressed with who you've become. We're all very proud of you.

    And this group of wonderful people who gather 'round your posts brings tears to my eyes.

    Thank you all for the love you leave here.

    Oh, and I love driving in Boston, what a hoot! It's the only place I've ever had to negotiate a one-way cul-du-sac!

  18. CR: thanks, luv. I guess you could call it maturity but that sounds so old. And I feel so young (except when I have to call the neuro guy to fix my neck and shoulders) ;-)

    Susan: you met Joni? I bow down to you. ;-) She is one my heros on many fronts. WP met her once too, he claims and errr...they had a REALLY good time. I always tease him that he likes to pretend the Joni wanna-be he went was actually Joni, but he insists it was her. !!!

    Steve: I don't believe I've ever stepped foot on the MIT campus. Your Dearest must be quite brainy, yes?

    DCup: Thank you, luv. So much.

    Kelly: I won something?!! Cool! The New England Aquarium is lots of fun. I haven't been there for a couple of years but I have some really good memories spent there with SG2 on a school field trip. She was feeling alienated from her 6th grade clan and we left the group and went off on our own. Such sweet times.

    Two years ago WP and I took SG1 there for her birthday and then out to dinner for lobster. Now you've got me thinking about going back real soon! :-)

    Rosebud: Welcome! :-)


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