Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blogging Brings Us Closer

"This blog invests and believes in proximity" [meaning, that blogging makes us "close" - being close through proxy].

Finally. Time to blog about this cool award I was given by my friend Dianne at Forks Off The Moment a few days back. I'm so honored that Di even comments on my blog and that I can count her among my bloggie friends but to get this beautiful award, written in a "forin" language, yet. (My language. Yup. Cuz I be forin).

Dianne is just the coolest woman. She's brilliant, funny and so down-to-earth. Thankfully for us, she's also in touch with love, honesty and what justice means. Dianne also has a great photo blog called Do You See What I See, where she posts to some of the same photo memes I enjoy such as Ruby Tuesday and Shadow Shot Sunday. I just can't say enough about her and what she shares with us on her blogs.

I'm running out of blogs to give awards too, I think. I can think of several I'd like to celebrate this award with but they've already received it.

In light of that, I'd like to give this award to a single recipient; one who comments here and there frequently but does not have a blog: JCF. I've gotten to know jcf through comments at the Priest's place. jcf's comments are straight-forward and very funny. jcf's supportive and kind comments about SG1's particular niche in the GLTB community have been priceless to me. jcf is one of the people who has gone out their way to contact me by email about interesting things that were posted about me at Mad Priest's. (tongue in cheek). That was hilarious, I must admit. Thanks, jcf!

Ok, so I rambled. I just really like this person, okay!

(It'd better be, cuz if mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!)

It's such a nice award that it really should be spread around. So I hope you will do just that. Perhaps you could pass it on to your most proximo blog-less commenter.

Peace & Proximidade,


  1. And the award is so deserved! Enjoy!

  2. It is indeed well deserved, and I love that you awarded it to someone with no blog, because of her comments.

  3. Oh, Pagan, so gracious are you! And yet...

    ...I am compelled to give you the gentlest possible of rebukes (consider it a "flogging w/ a feather" *g*).

    Namely, please, please, PLEASE don't refer to me w/ female pronouns (Male if you must, but prefer to go w/o entirely. The blue straight-jacket fits hardly any better than does the pink one! :-X)

    I know this can be confusing (Heh, for confusing, try being me! ;-p). You aren't the first (calling me "she" & "her"), you won't be the last.

    But for my GOOD friends---and that's what I'd like you to be, because that's who you deserve to have IN me!---being addressed as the gender-nonconformist I am, is just the most precious thing.

    That said---THANKS again, for the honor!

    [Though I'm not so much a non-blogger, as a post-blogger. Drop me an email if you'd like, PS, and I think I can hook you up w/ my post-mortem blog of 2003-2005. ;-)]

  4. JCF: now how was I to know all that?? And I thought we'd discussed this already! Sheesh. Sorry. {blushing}

    If you had a darned blog, then it would be a lot simpler, now wouldn't it?

    So how am I doing so far with the pronouns? ;-)

  5. You're not the first person I've done this to, jcf. I thought for the longest time that my friend homeyra was a man. And because she has a blog with photographs of all these wonderful dresses that belonged to her mother, I thought that she was a man that dressed like a woman. I'm full of assumptions. Don't mistake me for one who knows everything about these matters. I just like everyone, that's all! ;-)

    I'm in the early stages of senility too, you see.

  6. I'm going to edit out the female pronouns. It's my blog, right, and I can do what I want? ;-)

  7. Heh: in a story in which I (well, a doppelganger of me) appear, the author is experimenting w/ "ou" and "oun" ["ze" and "hir" is another example of gender-free experimental pronouns I'm familiar with]

    Thanks, PS. You done just fine.

    (I may blog again, but only when I'm employed---and can be safe it's just an avocation. Not to mention, I wouldn't want to say something that might PREVENT me being hired? Google is bad enough as it is! :-0)

  8. How the hell is it that you accept my award and yet make me feel like I just received one.

    I really love you.

  9. Aaaaaaah, I really love you, too, ya know! If ever there is something I can do to help, heal or unburden you, please let me know. I mean it.

  10. I like the concept of celebrating how blogs bring us closer together. I'm often struck by how important to me people I've never met in person have become. For example, these days I find myself thinking a lot about SG1 and her partner, as well as DCup and her personal struggles, to mention a few. These are people I've never met - people that, were it not for the blogging community, I wouldn't even know existed, yet they have become important to me. It all seems a bit odd, but I value the connections I have made.

    Congratulations on the well-deserved award!

  11. Hi, Ed
    I know exactly what you mean. And I feel the same way. I find myself saying similar things, like "hey, do you want to hear a CD by a friend of mine's band?" :-) And I find myself thinking about people and their struggles and joys. It's mind-bogglingly wonderful. Sometimes I wonder if it's the lack of proximity that creates the intimacy with people one hasn't actually met. Maybe we're more free to be ourselves when we don't fear judgment as much? I don't know and it hardly matters, I suppose. It's just wonderful to enjoy it.


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