Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mount Holyoke College

The outside of the building

Today I returned my daughter Supergirl One to her college campus to begin her senior year. Mount Holyoke has been good to us poor folk here allowing our daughter to not only receive a top-notch education, but also to live a very cushy campus life. :-)

This is not a common space. This is the double that she'll be sharing with her Beloved.

Supergirl One lovin' her new digs

View of the outside from one of the panes of the bay window

The dorm's formal living room where, doubtless, the girls are served High Tea.

(rolling eyes)

This is so far removed from anything I ever had as a college experience. I don't mean just the physical features of the college but its history and academics as well.

When SG1 and I attended an applicant's day at MHC, it was led by a student who, when discussing the dorms on campus, brought up the grandfather's clock in the formal living rooms of every dorm - "You know, just like home." Both SG1 both raised our eyebrows at each other when she said that, each perfectly understanding the other that uh, we don't have a grandfather clock nor did our grandfathers! I think I caught the clock at exactly 3:00 p.m.
What a gorgeous and delightful Sunday it was with my girl.

Supergirl One and I both wonder how many of the privileged whose children attend Mount Holyoke spend four years praying that their daughter doesn't turn into a lesbian. Ha! And a feminist, lefty lesbian costs a lot of dough to groom, doncha know! ;-)


  1. The room and the campus look wonderful. I hope your daughter has the most exciting and happy year ahead and a continued stellar college career.

  2. yeah well, my digs at college were more of a cubicle with a window :) that is a gorgeous campus. and i think it takes a loving parent to raise a beautiful lefty lesbian daughter to love herself and be who she is :) good luck sg1 on your senior year. the only good thing my senior year netted me- my husband :) and apparently, ya'll have that taken care of already ;)

  3. geeezzzz can i go live there????

  4. Bobbie: thank you so much for your good thoughts. She's so excited.

    Bet: I never even lived at college. All my parents could afford was to pay my tuition. In those days it was cheaper to buy a car and pay the gas for the commute. And living at home meant that I could work at a job that paid better than work study.

    My parents believed that if their kids wanted to go to college, it was a bridge that would be crossed toward the end of high school. But they were unable to give me much direction and purpose in this area.

    CR and I raised the girls from the very beginning to think of themselves as being able to do whatever they wanted - in the moment and in the future. I don't mean spoiling them by giving things but helping them access experiences that they were interested in learning and doing.

    Sherry: Me too! SG1's first dorm room was not nearly as nice. She and her Beloved like to call it "the apartment". It has its own bathroom which I failed to mention in the post.

  5. Good Lord, is that cush, or what??

    She called me today, having skipped barefoot out her window onto the waiting lawn.

    How cool is that???

  6. It looks like a wonderful place - Maybe we should all go and live there like Sherry says.

    When I was little and still in England my grandmother had an old grandfather clock that sat on the landing halfway up the stairs. The thing terrified me when it bonged the hours and quarter hours. I learned how to tell time at age four just so I could know not to be on the stairs when it sounded. The funny thing was that many years later I learned it had been willed to me and I was very relieved to hear it had been eaten through by woodworm so couldn't be shipped.

  7. she is lucky not only in where she gets to live and go to school but that she has such a great supportive mother too.

  8. Susan - those clocks are part history and part cumbersome. I guess the way most of history and its artifacts [ loaded.

    CR: SG1 earned this opportunity through hard work and those "scholarships and loans" the Obamas kept talking about during the DNC. And the nice room? It's a treat for a couple of girls who, relatively speaking, have had little privilege.

    Lib: thank you for the kind comment. I've tried to be a good mother but my record certainly isn't spotless - I've made mistakes. But now my girls are teaching ME things at a level of maturity that is all at once exciting and frightening to me. Yikes! :-)

  9. This is a gorgeous campus! I've never seen a room like that! She's a lucky girl to have a great and 'supportive' mom like you!

  10. Kelly: hi and thanks for stopping by. SG1 is a senior so she got lucky with this room. It's a double and a lot of seniors want a single, if given a choice. But she shares with her Beloved, so it's working out very nicely.


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