Friday, August 22, 2008

Husker Du

Hi, friends

I awoke at 2:30 a.m. and at 5:30, I'm still wide-awake. And. On a blogswarm. After that Anger post, I need me some loud music. I just realized that for many years now, it's been early morning commutes to work and other places when I've most enjoyed my music loud.

Having all this time to think and blog and stuff...(forgive me but sleep deprivation gives me a slight manic high. grinning here), I realized - hey, it is early morning now, isn't it? Time to travel with some Husker Du.


P.S. In the wake (ahemmm) of current blog frenzy, please scroll down for more very recent, sleepless, pointless posts. ;-)

Young Bob Mould

Older Bob Mould


  1. Yes, loud music is just the thing sometimes. In fact, it's jut the thing most of the time! It really clears the cobwebs and gets the adrenaline pumping. My kids complain that I play music far too loud. Kids today, eh?!

    Husker Du were great. I have a Bob Mould solo album around somewhere in the Bear Vinyl Vault. Must try and find it. I think's it's called 'Workbook' (maybe) and isn't so raging. It's very Richard Thompson, in fact - which IS rage of a very controlled but passionate kind, I suppose. Good stuff.

  2. Oh. Awesome. Love Husker Du, Sugar and Bob Mould.

  3. Gina,

    I came to your blog from
    Bobbie at Almost There... You gave her "The Kick Ass" Award! Great pick, hers is well deserving! I really enjoy and relate to your blog as well! What I have read so far in your blog is excellent... All of us struggling in life and dealing with frustrations! I'll definitely be following it! You keep writing and I'll keep reading!

    Great and insightful readings and thoughts on so many things and such intereting posts!!!!

    Kelly :)

  4. When you want loud music, you really mean LOUD, don't you?

    Checked out the flickr site. You have some really beautiful photos from Five Islands and Halifax! Glad to see you got to Monterey County too. At least I think that's where your purple flowers were. That's MY country.

  5. SB & Bobbie: I'm an old Husker Du fan, obviously. I saw Bob Mould solo once at a local cafe and he was amazing. I recall the DJ on a local radio station refer to him as "a one man guitar army", which is an apt phrase. But his passion and intensity are soul is what I respond to - the loudness being a manifestation of that for him, which I can relate to. I like very loud music sometimes, yes, but not angry - loud to me means high emotion. If anyone can relate to that.

    DCup: I have only one Sugar CD - the one with Hoover Damn on it, which is a great song. Unfortunately, that and one more song is all it's worth. But I'm going to scour the used CD stores for more Husker Du/Bob Mould/Sugar and see what I can find.

    Kelly: welcome! Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I'd love to have you stop by again!

    You have some great photos there. I really enjoyed my visit.

    Can anyone join Skywatch Friday? I'd love to submit a photo every once in a while - humble as they are.

  6. Bobbie: I'm glad you went to Flikr to look at my photos! I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to set up the slideshow that Blogger so tempts me with. Either that or the connection isn't happening for some reason. I'm no wiz with this stuff but I can usually figure it basic web stuff okay. Anyway, I decided to just post the URL and have people go there if they want to.

    About the San Francisco photos: that was on the way to Reyes Point and Salinas, etc. Is that Monterey County? It's so beautiful there, I gasp just thinking about it. No wonder you speak of it so fondly. W.P. oldest lives in SF and we went to visit her April 2007. We mostly stayed in the city but rented a car for one day to go up the coast a bit and enjoy the views. I want to explore further and further north the next time we go. Actually, my dream is to rent a convertible (what a lush, huh?) start down in Southern Cali and drive along the coast north. Dream on...

  7. Am I correct in recalling that 'Husker Du' is Danish for 'do you remember?' Thanks for the reminder - their albums were part of the huge collection we left in RI.

  8. Susan: I knew it was the name of a Board Game but I never knew what it meant.

    Am looking it up....

    Yes. And. Yes.


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