Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Write or Call Your Rep. & A Hello From Me

Iran: Stop the Next War Now!

221 representatives in Congress are on record supporting a U.S. partial land, sea, and air blockade of Iran. A blockade, even a partial one, is an act of war.

It's happening folks. And I don't have to tell you that we need to do everything we can to stop it. We need to organize large-scale demonstrations in major cities to voice our opposition. If anyone knows of anything happening that I can get involved with at a local level, please let me know. I have limited time in the next few weeks to look into this and I need resources.

On the home-front, things are going well; though we all wish this bloody humidity spell would break. We don't believe in AC but I have been using it in the car when my mother is with me; the heat and humidity are flattening her.

I will keep you posted when I'm not so busy.



  1. I have feared this for so long now. I always thought that Bush and Co. wanted to get into Iran before Bush leaves office and lord help us if McCain is elected.

    I have found some great local groups - or at least like minded local people - through

    and believe it or not Myspace has some great members who publicize events on a very local level.

    when will this end!

  2. I'm concerned that the Bush regime and/or Israel will attack Iran in late November or December and dump the consequences on the next administration.

  3. Libhomo: My fear exactly. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of yet more blood on the hands of this sicko administration.

  4. A week or two ago I heard a news report stating that BushCo had pushed through a resolution authorizing "covert action" against Iran. I fear that, regardless of what is right or wrong, public opinion, truth, or what is really in our "national interest" these jackasses will have their war on Iran (as if two illegal wars aren't already enough). I can't even begin to think about how much this upsets me. Then I start to think about the possibility of marshal law (Bush has already set up the process for declaring marshal law, including "suspending" elections, using Avian Flu as the excuse. This happened over a year ago and was totally ignored by the MSM), and I really start to lose it. Sorry about the pessimism, but I have no hope for this country at this point in time. I believe that we, and much of the rest of the world, are truly and totally screwed while Bush, Haliburton and their ilk laugh all the way to the bank.

  5. I'm afraid I agree with the general consensus here. Bush will have his war. And it's the fault of Congress for sitting on their hands and being wishy-washy.

    Gina, as a fellow senior, please watch your mom carefully in this heat wave. I know you will of course, but it scares me when I hear you do not have a/c. Bad as it is. I don't think I would be alive today without it this year.

  6. Bobbie: Thank you for your comment about heat affecting the elderly. I've been watching my mother really closely. Interestingly, she says she prefers a fan to AC. While she was at my brother's, where he has central air, she found it got too cold for her. Today, Thursday, it's a lot less humid and we're all a lot more comfortable.

    I have this thing about AC. It's not just the energy usage, etc. but also that I don't like feeling cut off from the natural world. It's just one of my many quirks. :-)

  7. My verbal constipation is near exploding on this issue, and I may yet get a post out on it.

    We are presently conducting covert on-the-ground military actions in Iran, and a full-on carpet bombing campaign will commence before the November elections.

    Then we'll have the "don't change horses in the middle of the stream of war" scenario, and if it still looks like a likely President Obama, there will be an "attack" here at home, and it's "buh-bye" elections.

    Call it paranoia, call it conspiracy theory, but I'm callin' it like I see it:


  8. Oh, and I really want to see Maria, so drop me a line or call me about when that might happen! :)

  9. Ed: I hear you, my friend. We're all feeling rather powerless to stop this. It's maddening.

    CR: I don't think you're being one bit paranoid. These guys are bad. It will be no surprise to me if the scenario you describe comes to pass. Whatever shall we do about these madmen??? I'm so despondent.

    Regarding getting together with my mother: I will email you. She'd love to see you. :-)


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