Monday, June 23, 2008

stainless steel, wood (at Arolsen only), soil, geotextile fabric, internal irrigation system, live flowering plants
486 x 486 x 256 inches
Coloring Book- high chromium stainless steel w/ transparent color coating High chromium stainless
Nelson Automatic Deep Fryer - appliance, acrylic, fluorescent lights 8 in. (563.9 x 334 x 2igh chromium lolor coating; 222 x 1311/2 x 9 1/8 in. (563.9 x 334 x 23.2 cm).miustainless steel with transparent color coating; 222 x 1311/2 x 9 1/8 in. (563.9 x 334 x 23
Balloon Puppy - high chromium stainless steel w/ transparent color coating


  1. at least the first puppy had live plants- that was my first thought.

    the coloring book blob was my fave ;)

  2. Koons' work is amusing - sort of = but not what I consider art at all.

  3. I smiled at three out of the four, but hey - I'm easy!

  4. I regret that I've been remiss in checking your blog of late. My loss. Here are my quick reactions to the four works you put up.

    Puppy: I like it, at least from a distance. I'd like to see what it looks like up close.

    Coloring Book: Doesn't really grab me, but kind of interesting.

    Deep Fryer: Fun.

    Balloon Puppy: Hilarious! Brilliant!

    Of course, those are quick responses to small photos. I might respond differently if I saw them in "real life."

  5. Sherry: I was thinking of you when I said one word responses were welcome!
    heheheh. Love it!

    Betmo: I thought the "internal irrigation system" inside the puppy sculpture was interesting. Nothing like an art installation to get me thinking about something as uninteresting to me as irrigation! At the same time, the sculpture seems rather excessive.

    Bobbie: I agree. Koons is amusing. But when I dug a little deeper into finding out who he is and why he creates what he creates, I sort of came up empty. There really doesn't appear to be much there. It's not a coincidence that one of the headings on his webpage is titled "Banality". :-)

    CR: I smiled too when I saw, up close but impersonal, an installation of his at SF MoMA. But the more I looked at it, the less interesting and amusing it became.

    Ed: Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I've not been to your blog in a long while either, but hope to make a visit soon.

    See comment above about actually seeing a Koons installation. My personal favorite is the deep fryer. I like appliance art. But I'm weird like that. ;-) But Koons in general does very little for me beyond mild amusement.

  6. Having glanced at his site, I'd say some of it looks fun but it's not very deep, other pieces leave me cold. Good art/bad art? Who knows?

  7. Bear: It is entirely shallow, IMHO. Perhaps that's what Koons has in mind.

    You're right. Bad art or not? Who knows! If there is one correct answer, I believe that is it. But there is never such a thing as "correct" on this blog. And if I ever present anything as such, feel free to call me on it!

  8. I love Jeff Koons' work for all the reasons that many people hate it. It's hilarious, and it is ostensibly shallow. However, he takes care that it is well made, and I believe that first-blush shallowness is a comment on society in general.

    Just found you off of Utah Savage, I love your blog, and am adding you to my blog roll.

  9. Dear Ms. Diva,
    I so appreciate your fine comment on Koons. While his art does nothing lasting for me, I do enjoy some of it quite a lot.

    I don't like the inflatables and that is because I detest them in the real world and his imitations only make me gag even worse and for longer. As I mentioned, I love the appliance art (I forget what he calls it). I see something in that nonsense that illustrates both the mechanical and chromatic beauty of the appliance and the ugliness of what it represents. I hope that doesn't sound like I pulled out of my's hard to put it into words. And I agree with you that his work is beautifully constructed and painted - like those gleaming balloon animals. Crazy.

    I just had a look-see of your blog and I can tell we have common ground. I will be happy to add you to my blog list as well!



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