Friday, June 13, 2008

Loving Day

My friend The Cunning Runt at Little Bang Theory has written a beautiful post about marriage equality and the current fight in California to keep it legal. Please go there and check it out. He's an inspiring writer and I promise you will not regret it.

There is a ballot initiative that has been approved to appear on the state ballot in California which will seek to overthrow the recently gained right of GLBT people to marry. The $10 million campaign will attempt to poison the well, so money is needed.

If you support marriage equality but don't live in California, you may wonder what this has to with you. Every state that fights for and wins marriage equality gains momentum for other states to take action to do the same.

There are many great organizations working on behalf of GLBT rights but to have your contribution go directly to California where the big fight is right now, consider donating directly to Equality California.


  1. it's so simple and yet there are people that look for reasons to keep others down.

    shame on them.

  2. Sigh. This is one of those subjects that makes me so annoyed and disheartened to live in the Bible Beater Belt.

    I shall do my part, but it feels like pissing in the wind with all the church driven policies we "enjoy" in the deep South.

  3. I am stealing your "Me Too" banner to put on my blog. The money will have to come later as I'm flat busted right now.

  4. DCup, you're not pissing into the wind, you're adding whatever you can to the Loving Cup. Too many people stand tall in the face of lethal bigotry for any of us to do less.

    PS, thanks for your diligence in pursuing this issue.

  5. Deep sigh, shoulders drooping.

    I just spent what was perhaps my last weekly visit with the "pro-war" folks who protest the Peace People on the Greenfield town common every Saturday. And the last thing they said to me, knowing that I have a lesbian daughter, was that same-sex marriage represented everything that's gone wrong in this country, and will spell the End of America.

    My focus on bridge-building notwithstanding, I just had to tell them that I saw their position as the same narrow-minded bigotry which opposed interracial marriages, and that Jesus of Nazareth (they claim to be Christians!) would condemn their "othering" of their brothers and sisters.

    Needless to say, my bridge collapsed.

    So what remains is to work tirelessly against this oppression of our daughter and her wonderful fiance, and the tens of millions of Worthy Americans who are similarly disenfranchised for the same reason:

    Bigots exist, and they vote.

    We have to do better.

  6. I'm sorry. I really am. I am very short on words today; as I'm feeling overwhelmed by thoughts around this issue; both personal and political.

    I'm also very short on patience and quick to anger today, over just about anything that pushes my buttons the slightest. Had I been there with you today, I would have said something to them about how pathetic I think they are.

  7. This is an essential issue and one that I am committed to as well.

    Money and effort and changing the hearts of those who will change, one heart at a time.


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