Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Arriving at the right kind of music for the mood today was a bit of a trial. My first five tries were as follows: Edith Piaff, The Byrds, The I Am Sam soundtrack, Suzanne Vega and The Smiths. I then did a search for the poet, Anne Sexton (and found some great clips!) but that was a bit too morose and I'm not at all in that type of mood. I'm happy it's summer, actually. It was up to the mid-80's today, hot and breezy. A perfect summer day and I'm feelin' groovy, but in a pagan sphinx sort of way. ;-)

Finally, I went through a pile of CDs I haven't listened to in a very long time and found this - Gravity Dance by The Horseflies. Plugged myself in and - perfect. And when I opened the CD brochure I found this inscription:

-Anne Sexton

There is other serendipity as well. A blogging acquaintance recently sent to me an MP3 file of a Natalie Merchant CD that features a cover of the second song on The Horseflies CD - Sally Ann.
Natalie Merchant (don't recall the title, exactly, but she's somebody's daughter) seems to often choose songs that she is especially well-suited to portray. I love her version of this song.

And I love how it all connects. My blog friend poetryman has reminded me of this a couple of times, calling it the butterfly effect.

Then I decided to look up horseflies.

Not the band this time, but real horseflies.

Shouldn't have done that...ugh. Aren't horseflies the kind of nasty, biting flies on the North Shore of Boston? Anyone familiar with Plum Island? Or are those beach flies a similar type of flesh-consuming, flying gnawers? (blogger has a not very good spell check program).

Happy Dreams.


  1. You really have a knack for coming up with some off the wall or long forgotten goodies. Tracks 2 and 3 are particularly good for my ears.

  2. I don't always shore your taste in music, but definitely understand the mood thing. Some days you just search and cannot find.

  3. Plum Island is infested with Greenhead Flies ( I know 'cause I still have the scars!) :lol:

    Horse flies are twice the size AT LEAST and are somewhat less aggressive, though I've been bitten on rare occasion, and it ain't pretty!

  4. Winston: I'm pleased you took the time to listen. Really. I love their sound: hard to pigeonhole - my favorite genre! :-)

    Bobbie: As I've said before, I always appreciate your honesty. A lot of the music I like or find interesting is not always universally appealing. I'm the first to admit it!

    CR: Thanks for the clarification on horseflies vs. greenheads.

  5. hey PS... the horse flies have a new CD out... glad you like our old stuff... how do i send you a new one?

  6. Horseflies, the real ones, on the north shore of Lake Erie too, and particularly vicious in Muskoka in August.

    About to go listen to the music.

  7. Time is Burning is really close to how I feel tonight. Thanks, Sphinx.

  8. Thank you, Kate. I will listen to it again to connect with how you're feelin'.

    That email I'm wanting to write to you is a little slow in getting started but the letter writing muse should be by any day now...


  9. And anonymous: I did notice that The Horseflies have a new CD. I'm currently trying to resolve an MP3 problem but when I do, I'd love to hear it.

    Are you, like...a Horsefly? :-)

  10. I have never heard of the group...but I rather like them! Thank you for introducing me to them. ;)

    ps...I love The Byrds...ah, the memories associated with that time.

  11. Dusty: I'll have to play some Byrds for you one of these days...

    and P.S. to annon: my email is
    gina@gaw.com, in case you want to send me a sample. :-)

  12. thehorseflies@gmail.com and we'll send you a CD... really...


    all best,

  13. Wow. Cool. Horseflies aren't so nasty after all.

    Thank you!

  14. Are you Jeff Claus? I'll heap praise on your songwriting if you are!

  15. Pagan: This band are new to me. I like them. I'm a fan of Natalie Merchant, too.

    Peace and love.

  16. Hey, Bear.

    Gravity Dance is the only CD I have by the Horseflies. I am curious about the other recordings now and the new one, of course.


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