Sunday, May 4, 2008

Post Links That Command Attention

Godless Liberal Homo has an important post up titled Ten Reasons to Boycott Beijing Olympics

Homeyra at Forever Under Construction posted about American author, Naomi Wolf who says ” that there is a blueprint that would-be dictators always do the same ten things, whether they’re on the left or the right […]“. This list eerily reflects the actions of our current government.

Feministing posts about a high school principal in the south who outs a student gay couple because she "doesn't like homosexuals". Hate crimes against GLBT people are up and must be stopped. Outing gays against their will isn't just a violation of their privacy, it can result in harm and death. The tragic death of 15 year-old Lawrence King in California recently, sadly illustrates this point.

I was heartened by this article about the activism of the mothers of gay children, of which I am one.


  1. Naomi Wolf's 10 steps are chillingly familiar.
    I would ask you to join in Bloggers Unite!, but you do that every day, don't you. Thank you, Gina.

  2. Tell me more about Bloggers Unite. I'm interested.

    Hope you are well, Bobbie. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. sometimes the hate for anyone or anything different is just so awsomely stupid and sad and frustrating.

  4. Pagan,

    Yes. I know it would have been different, but I hope equally successful, if Nimsey had been LBTQ; my second Grandson (the current one just turned ten and passes his free Dive Scuba test soon) is due this month. We've been talking about names on the phone. Ya gotta defend them, but ya want them to be separate Humans; it was a tough balance to walk into.

    As to the Memphis Principal, the less said, the better; "serving time for Manslaughter" gets the anger, doesn't it? And it is a matter of the privacy rights of students over whom school officials act in loco parentis. I lived near Memphis as a Pastor, and know the kind of people Beasley is a specimen of: mean-spirited, self-righteous, and ideologically Homophobic.

    Thanks for keeping me up so well, to you and SG 1.

    Peace, Love, and Blessin's

  5. Oh, Sherry and Johnieb you are both grandparents and you're gonna put me over the top! I'm so looking forward to the stage of my life when I will be a grandmother.

    Sherry, I know your little grandauther is almost four and sounds so adorable.I love that age. I loved your reply to my comment! Thanks for sharing about her. I am very much at home with the little ones.

    Johnieb, congratulations on upcoming grandpahood TWICE. Keep us posted. Really.

    I'm very much at home with the little ones. I do call them rugrats when I'm mad at them. No, not to their faces! Just when I'm venting. Funny, I'm usually less American than Rugrats but it does have a tone to it.

    Love ya

  6. Sherry - the words you use are so spot on. Thank you. I loved the turtleneck picture! Made me laugh!

  7. So, the post links commanded your attention, huh? It looks so dictatorial! I really could have put more effort into that title!
    chucking here :-)

  8. Oh, Peter's been my 'dorable little rugrat forever, and so will his little brother be; there's nothing I like better than rolling around with a nine month old, then giving him back to mom, as I said I would do when she was fifteen, and say "Here, darlin'; he's yours!"

    Changing diapers and walking them with cutting teeth at 2:00 AM can be for Grandpas, too, but Peter may be getting near the age to be embarrassed to hear such things, so I say them on OP's blogs.

  9. Babyhood is very cool but young adulthood has its own merits! I'm with you, johnieb, I can't wait to play with them and then give them back but I hope they're close enough so that I can help out, too.

  10. excellent links to pass on to us, thanks!

  11. Thanks for the link love.

    I heard about the principal who thought it was a good idea to out vulnerable teenagers. Picking on the less powerful and most vulnerable is the hallmark of the Bush era.

  12. Has this "Principal" been fired yet?

    If not, WHY NOT???

    Sorry I didn't follow the links, it's late and I really need to go to bed...

  13. CR: The ACLU is sueing on behalf of the two students who were outed. Hehe. Our girl is running for president of her college chapter of ACLU and she'll be following this one closely.

    Lib: Thanks, luv.

  14. The aclu is the place to go. And good for your girl. Many kudos to her. One of your bloggers was absolutely right.The Bush administration has made it okay to discriminate

  15. I know I need to boycott the Olympics ... but I love the Summer Games. I'll probably stand liberally strong, though.

    I'm the aunt-pratically-mama of my gay niece. Proudly.

  16. Minne: Thanks. She's quite a kid.

    Beth: I know what you mean about the summer Olympics. My father and I used to watch it together on TV - some good memories there. But I can take easily leave it, too. And in this case I intend to boycott whatever I can - Coke is a big one, but there are many others.

    Your niece is lucky to have you for an aunt! And what a cool aunt, too!

    pagan sphinx

  17. Momma, your SuperGurrrl 1 is vice-president of her ACLU chapter, and her beautiful partner Shannon is President. They're both SO pleased!

    These two young people are destined to make a difference in our world. And I couldn't be prouder!

  18. Speaking of hatred towards the LGBTQ community:

    At this point it really is nothing more than hatred, whether its fear of those unlike oneself, religious opposition to LGBTQ individuals, or just sheer desire to discriminate that motivates that hatred. The Michigan Supreme Court ruling amounts to one of the strictest interpretations of anti-gay marriage legislation in the country, which is disheartening, and paves the way for other states to do the same.

    Then again, we wouldn't have this issue at all if we just had universal healthcare so individuals wouldn't be denied coverage at the will of their employees or the government.

    The only upside is the university system realizing the impact this will have on the retention and recruitment of some really awesome faculty. Their solution?
    It makes me sort of sick inside to know they can't even MENTION the romantic involvement of the individuals [when there is one] because of the stupid ruling, but I guess one takes what one can get.

    Just thought this might be a good addition to this post. :)

  19. Thanks, Lovely. I love hearing from you on these threads. I love hearing from you anytime! I love. You. :-)



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