Monday, April 21, 2008

First Meme Tag

Gypsy Mona Lisa

I've been tagged by Liberality to play in my first game of meme tag ever.

Rules of the game …Link to the person who tagged you. Post there rules on your blog.Write six random things about yourself.Tag six random people by linking to their blogs.Let each of the six know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment (on their blogs).Let your tagger know when your entry is up.

1) When I was a little girl, I used to have an imaginary sister, so strong was my desire for one. She was older, kind, responsible, and spent time with me reading aloud, playing pretend and riding bikes. She was very nurturing but way, way cooler than my parents.

The reality was that my brother, five years my senior, was supposed to take care of me after school while both my parents worked the 3-11 shift. Well. Most of the time he wasn't around so essentially I was a latch-key kid for about a year. It had its advantages. I could watch whatever I wanted on TV and avoid doing my homework. I could eat extra Ring Dings instead of supper, which the older brother was supposed to prepare but didn't most of the time.

2) I'm borrowing here from a "five-things" meme I saw at my friend Singingbear's blog. To get me through high school and college, I had some weird jobs: waitress in a doughnut shop, telemarketer for rodeo tickets (they didn't even let me finish my shift before sending me home), ladies' dressing room attendant (What do you think, some would ask. Don't ask, I wanted to say), human collator of formica samples (you know, those little squares that then go onto a chain for customers at hardware stores, nanny to the brats of a rich family (those kids didn't know how lucky they were that they came out of that summer alive).

3) I gave birth to my second child at home on Sunday, December 18, 1988. Why? Because I'd had a Cesarean section for my first child sixteen months prior. Because the Cesarean rate at the local hospital was 28%. Because I wanted to prove the medical people wrong about my scar bursting if I gave birth vaginally. Because I did all my homework, talked to a dozen women who had home births and read the stories of dozens of others. I had a healthy, 8 lbs. 3 oz. baby girl but I did have a problem: the placenta wouldn't come out, I kept bleeding and had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital. There, I was given a ration of shit for risking mine and my child's life but I handled it okay. I just wanted to get my baby and I the hell out of there. I enjoyed sticking it to them about the scar not bursting. What happened to me had nothing whatever to do with the dreaded scar. Do you detect a rebeliousness toward the medical establishment here? You're right.

4) Now that I'm on a Mommy roll, I'll tell you this: it pushes all my buttons when I hear of women not breastfeeding their infants at all; ever. If ya can't have the boob and the baby together, at least pump the good stuff and feed it to them when you can. I'm incredibly judgemental about this. So either go behind my back and sue me, or engage me in healthy debate. Or, agree with me.

5) When it's a single-stall bathroom and the ladies room is occupied, I use the men's room. So stupid that when only one toilet lives in the bathroom that they can't both be unisex. It's amazing the number of women who will wait in line when the the other stall stands empty because it has a sign on it that says "MEN".

6)For better or for worse, I once bore a strong resemblance to Mona Lisa. I really did. Now that my hair is silver and I have bangs, not so much. Gypsy Mona Lisa is so me at 21. My eyes are bit different; they turn down at the corners more. It's all in the smile.

So now I'm supposed to tag six other people, which is going to be hard. Most of my blog friends don't do memes. I'll tag four, if that's okay.
Cunning Runt




My apologies to Janis of Juanichis Way. For some reason, Blogger didn't like this entire post; refusing consistently to save as I wrote. I just couldn't get the link to your blog to happen. What a pisser this way. But here it is, errors and all.


  1. I totally agree about the breastfeeding. My daughter breastfed her babies but only for a couple of months because she had to get back to work and it was too big of a hassle she said to keep it up. That is one of the many things wrong with the family policies of this country.

  2. DO NOT TAG ME! On my Catholic School 1st grade report card the Nun wrote does not play well with others, it's not that, I just didn't want to share any of my stuff with them. :) Thanks for stopping by.

    And you're right about blogger I've been having a time with them today.

  3. You are a rebel! My favorite kind of peoples.

  4. O Gawd! Not another punkass Mona Lisa!

    O well; might as well enjoy it.

  5. I agree about the breastfeeding. And I nursed mine in public too, 26 years ago. It wasn't done, then.

  6. Kate Morningstar, you are my hero. As I said, I have this thing about breastfeeding. Nothing could make more sense to me.

    Johnieb - that ain't no punkass Mona Lisa. That is a gypsy Mona Lisa. A punkass Mona would have tatoos and piercings. I don't do tats and pricks. Well, I have one hole in each ear which my mother approved of - smart woman she is.

  7. Oh gosh, I wouldn't know what to write, and I've just done two of these in the past few weeks, so I wouldn't know who to pass it on to now. It was fun reading yours though! Thank you for thinking of me!!

  8. Smart woman, Sandpiper! I shouldn't of even tagged you because unlike yours truly you actually blog about something worthwhile! god your pictures are stunning!

  9. Good for you for defying the obgyn crowd. I had all three babies in the hospital, but with the assistance of a wonderful midwife. And I definitely got my boobs' worth for nursing. Except for The Actor who was so easily distracted that he would jerk his head away without breaking suction. Yowza! Our mommy/son nursing time didn't last long when I realized that soon my nipples would be tickling my kneecaps.

    I'm glad you answered these questions. I love learning more details about people.

  10. Hey, D

    I'm glad you dropped by for this post. I was hoping you would, as I love reading about your family on your blog.

    Supergirl One was like The Actor. She actually wasn't that much into it, preferring to explore EVERYTHING. Hasn't changed. Supergirl Two, on the other hand, nursed until she was almost THREE. I'm not kidding. I was so sick of it, I had to cut her off. She screamed and kicked at me anytime I came near her for about two days and then it was over.

    I don't regret a single thing with my overall mothering choices. There are regrets about my life in general as they were growing up but those young mom years I do look back on with fondness; though not longing. What's done is done. Okay, I just may now start breaking into the song "to every season, turn, turn, turn" or NOT. :-)


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