Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"gays are infiltrating our city councils..."Listen To This!


  1. It's really hard for me to comprehend how/why people can actually think this way. What kind of education has this woman had? What kind of experiences has she had to lead her into this kind of thinking? I know there are homophobics - thousands of them. But can they really believe this shit? And how do reasonable people deal with it? It just boggles my mind.

  2. Bobbie - I consider myself a reasonable person who hasn't a clue as how to deal with this. It just make me sort of queesy. The only things I feel I can do is to expose it for what it is and I followed the links in the email alert to voice my opinion on it.

    Thannks for stopping by. I've been enjoying the writing on your blog!

  3. Signed the petition, wrote a letter.

    You're sadly correct, there's little we can do except shine the light of reason on this cesspool of hatred and bigotry. Those who think this way will not change their minds until they learn the truth about people in their lives whom they love deeply, and even then, some will denounce their own families before seeing the light.

    Thank you for being on top of this, and for your thoughtful words on the topic.

  4. Hi,

    I'm visiting your blog for the first time. You have some good posts here. Just for your information, I tried to listen to the "Gays are infiltrating..." clip that you have up and it says it's no longer available. Someone must have had it removed or something. I'll be signing that petition. Thanks.

  5. Hi, Ed
    Thanks for stopping by. I tried the youtube video on my post; not from the edit version of the blog but by locating the URL directly. It seems to be working fine???

  6. I went to YouTube and did a search and found it. As of now, your link seems to be working. Maybe it was just a connection or browser issue on my end. Regardless, I did get to hear what Ms. Kern had to say. Extremely disturbing, in my opinion. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I may not be stopping by every day (that darned time thing!), but I like what you have to say about art, life, the universe, etc.

  7. Thanks, Ed. I enjoyed your blog also. I wish I could check out your band live but I'll return to your blog sometime soon - thought I noticed some buttons that play some of the music. Will have to check it out more thoroughly.

    I understand about time.Right now I have more than I have ever had. My daughters are both in college and my stepdaughters no longer live at home. It's a little weird...


    They were told to pray upon the sins of others;
    instructed to desire their adversary’s end
    until the hand no longer covered the ashen face,
    until the slaughter across the sand was complete.
    Infants dashed against rock.
    Fatherless and widowed.
    Teeth broken in their mouths.
    Buried and breathing.

    Begging God to perform their soul-fouled work,
    invoking prayers of bone-prattled doom,
    calling forth their god-smacking wrath
    riddled with the brown flesh of Islam;
    The face of mother.
    The back of father.
    The heart of brother.
    The neck of sister.

    O! This sickness brings forth such loss and
    carries the hordes of stench to madness!
    O! Let these prayers fall upon the dead lips of
    thy conjured and stinking god forthwith!
    Reason dashed against idols,
    breath snapped in the throat,
    buried and fruitless shall be thy
    imprecatory failure…

  9. Poetry as comment. I love it...a very powerful poem. Thank you!


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