Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Five Years Ago Today, The U.S. Invaded Iraq

My Heart dedicates this post to all the victims of the Iraq war; Americans and Iraqis alike. The war is illegal, immoral and divisive. The only right thing to do is to end the hell.
I've chosen to display here several pieces of art about and against the war. Some are satirical, some angry and others offer a glimmer of hope. Those three components often make up my own thoughts and feelings on this senseless war. Though often bitterly, I've laughed at the satire of others. I have cried listening to testimonies from Iraqi soldiers and other American war veterans and their families. I dare to hope that the madness will end.

Richard Moore

Mid-East Think Tank
Leon Kuhn

Kristopher Kaufman - U.S.

Anagnos Sotos

Stephane Lorraine - Finland

First Taste of Freedom

No More War
Madrid, Spain

No Child Left Behind
Kristopher Kaufman

Dove Looking For Landing
Greg Bowyer

Mad Dogs And Englishmen - Leon Kuhn London


  1. This was a very frustrating post to work using Blogger! arrrrrrrgh!After having what I thought was a finished post on Tuesday, I went publish it this morning and found it all WRONG. Text and images had jumped around and it otherwise looked like hell. In my hasty attempts to fix it this morning before heading off to work, I botched it even further and accidentally deleted text that I was not able to rewrite fully. And now I'm just sick of it! I HATE blogger. It doesn't appear to work for me, as I post a lot of images with accompanying text. I don't know HTML code so that won't help. Anyone have suggestions for other programs or how to work with Blogger?

    It's so good to know that so many of you are hoping, praying and working for peace today. Some of you tirelessly every day. You are my heroes.

    Ok, I'm off to the local vigil.

  2. I'm clueless in blogger, nearly so in wordpress. But people with a modicum of e-bility seem to like whichever they know best.

    Keep at it, Gurrrl, and keep asking questions - somebody'll help if you hang in there!

    ...And thanks for doing the Vigil thing. I'm going to look for one this weekend.

  3. "I hope with everything I have that we won't need to hold this vigil again next year."

    from your mouth to the world's ears!

  4. What I wouldn't give to have those surgeon general warnings like that on my pack of smokes! Make a hell of a lot more sense, at least to me.

    Wonderful post!

    As for the HTML and blogger... The best thing to do is learn the very basics of you alot of time and headache. Once you've done that Blogger is, at least to me, the easiest to use of the two (wordpress)... I've not come across a saved (draft) version that has went haywire on me before. It may well have to do with how you position your pictures as you upload them. If you load a large number of pics they tend to shift everything down and you have to go in and adjust them up, etc. Try uploading one or two first or all pics first and then add text. It will save you some time as once the pics are loaded the shifting down won't take place. Then you just have to add text.

    If you are going to add text centered and below the pic then make sure you create a couple of spaces ("Enter" key) and then center the text. If you upload all your pics "center" rather than "right" or "left" the centering of text with a centered pic is easier. Of course uploading pics with center, left and right variations can cause a bit of work. Which is why I recommend uploading a one pic or even two at a time as it doesn't get too crazy.

    That's the best I can do for now.

    You don't by any chance do alot of pasting words from other programs into Blogger do you? If you do it may be an HTML compatability issue as HTML is written in different forms for different programs. Not always but sometimes.


  5. poetryman: thanks for your suggestions. I think I DO need to learn basic HTML. I hate to think about trying to start over with a new program. Thanks for the suggestions!

    kenju: I hope the world will listen!

    CR: There is a vigil on the Greenfield common on Saturday at
    11:00 a.m. I may stop by.


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