Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shadow Shot Sunday & Part Two of my Amherst/Mount Holyoke College Day Trip

See Part One here.

Shadow Shot Sunday is being brought you to by The Pagan Sphinx blog this week, for a change of pace.

I went down to Mount Holyoke to surprise my daughter (SG1) and DIL (The Beloved) with a visit and maybe lunch and stopped several places along the way to take pictures. But there are just too many stops and too many photographs to document them, I'll post these for Tracey's Shadow Shot meme. I eventually meandered my way down to the campus. It was like summer today. Sunny and clear and hot. The First day all week that's been really nice.

During one of my stops, I discovered I'd forgotten my cell phone and couldn't call the girls to tell them I was in the area. So went about getting lunch on North Pleasant Street.

click on all photos to enlarge to a nice size

and ate it on a bench in front of this fountain. After lunch,I continued to travel through downtown traffic and down rt. 116 to my daughter's campus to look for her, sans cell phone. But not before I stopped and snapped these photos.
Mary Lyon Hall

Iron fence shadow in front of Mary Lyon Hall on the Mount Holyoke College campus
South Hadley, Massachusetts
I then came upon this festive scene. Nice but it will be like trying to find a needle in a haystack with all these kids spread out over the expansive lawn

But there they were! So I asked them to pose, which they did with ease, dontach think? :)

My girl is radiantly happy. It's spring. She turned in her thesis today and she's in love.

Thanks, Tracey from Melbourne, for hosting Shadow Shot Sunday


  1. Beautiful campus pictures, shadows and all! And your daughter does look about as happy as you can get.

  2. isn't it wonderful when your child is happy?
    You definitely caught some nice shadows too!

  3. Looks like a tasty lunch and a marvelous day for all concerned ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  4. Looks like everyone had a great time..Nothing like being happy..makes life so nice and beautiful. Great pictures..
    Happy SSS..

  5. What a beautiful picture of your daughter ! I love her attitude, like on a Gauguin painting.

    A campus like we imagine they are, watching them in movies.

    A "double" fence not to walk on the grass, and your daughters and many others have found a way to transgress the banning : )
    That's a pure pleasure to sit on the grass when the weather is that sunny.

  6. I love the story in your post as well as the photos(especially the chopsticks). It looks like a lovely town to visit, especially on a sunny day!

  7. Great shadow shots, Sphinx! Your daughter and her significant other are lovely! :)

  8. SG1 and The Beloved look fabulous! I love the notion of you finding them the old fashioned way - sans cell phone, you're such a romantic

    the fence shadows are astounding!!

  9. Great fence shadows and great shots of your daughter too!!

  10. An enjoyable tour and I can't believe you found your daughter in that crowd. Great photos!

  11. looks like everybody had a great time.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind comment. Feel free to visit again.

  12. The interesting thing about shadows is they only appear in the presence of light.

    Lovely pictures, Pagan.

  13. Lovely. I wish them the best and congrats on the completed thesis... Now, my dear, go change the world!

  14. That campus is nearly as beautiful as the two girls' smiles. Oh to be young and in love...

  15. What a nice shadows!

    The campus remind me of my college days. now too nostalgic.

    Ty for sharing...

  16. What a wonderful collection of shadows :D

  17. Some wonderful shadows! I love the shadows of the iron fence.

  18. I'm a firm believer in Right Things Happening For a Reason, like finding our lovely (and her lovely) in that festive sea.

    Great shots, Gina - thanks for sharing!

  19. The Honeymoon appears to be continuing!

    {Happy Sigh}

    Nice pics, too. ;-)

  20. What a beautiful post, what beautiful girls, what radiant joy on their faces!

    I really like that shot of the iron fence with the big beautiful trees in it. The green is gorgeous, too.

  21. It took me a while to get here but I finally made it! Wonderful post Gina! Love all the photos. The girls look so lovely and happy. Ain't love grand!!!

    Pssst...I'm actually from Brisbane, not Melbourne ;D


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