Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Tree of Happiness Award

From the warm-hearted and talented Linda at Vulture Peek Muse
The the equally talented and warm-hearted Steve of Color Sweet Tooth

(how luck am I, to know these wonderful people, huh??)

Thank you so much for this award. I will cherish it and keep it always on the blog mantel.

This award has attached a requisite of stating six things that make me happy.
Because anyone who reads TPS knows that my family and my dear WP are who make me most happy, I will concentrate on other things; perhaps even food or something equally inane. I guess I'm not feeling all poetic about happiness today. ;-) We'll see what happens.

Food It is:
1) bread of the world
2) black olives
3) cherries
4) raw oysters
5) artichokes
6) asparagus

Steve's request is that his recipients of the Tree of Happiness Award list att least three of the six things be ones that readers don't yet know about.

1) Once in a while falling asleep to the low tone of the TV set when WP is watching. I don't know what about this makes me happy but it makes me feel safe and contented.

2) Watching the birds and squirrels at the feeders

3) African music

4) Blogging

5) Children

6) Chocolate (dark truffles but the less exotic Raisinettes and Reeses miniatures will do in a pinch) ;-)
I want to give the award to six people whom I depend upon daily for emotional, spiritual and intellectual sustenance. In other words, food for thought. It sort goes with the food list. ;-)

1) Linda, who is not supposed to be listed because she gave me the award, because she got from someone else, but I insist on including her. She is rich in love and spirituality and shares herself and her wonderful art generously.

2) Bobbie at Almost There. For being there, not almost, but always.

3) Dianne at Forks Off The Moment because everything she stands for makes me happy and proud to know her.

4) Steve at Color Sweet Tooth for his art, friendship and all the learning I do from his comments.

5) Betmo at Life's Journey and Betmo's Corner for her unwavering stand on so many important leftist issues and for her friendship and support. Oh, and the haiku!

6) Sherry at After the Bridge for her poetry, interesting tid-bits and images and her sweetness and friendship

If you haven't done so already, check out their blogs and stay awhile. Treasures abound there!



  1. hi! thanks so much. too cool.

    reading your blog makes me happy.

  2. We can all use a Tree of Happiness, Congratulations, much deserved! Enjoy!

  3. Oh, Pagan, thank you! Of all things - a TREE of happiness. I love trees. They make me happy!

    And congratulations to you, too!

  4. you're like a hug through cyber space

    thank you

    I feel the same way about you!

  5. pagan dear, you ARE like a hug through the space of cyberland!! I love that, thanks dianne!

    what a dear thing to say and do, giving me back my own award to you! thank you, I treasure your gesture and your words to me...

    here is a BIG HUG through the screen to you, dear woman, for all you do and give and share of you...walking through your blog is always a walk through a land of thoughtfulness and beauty.

  6. OK. I printed my 6 things. (Well, 7)
    I enjoyed this! Thanks so much.

  7. It makes me happy to know you all. Your sincerity and kindness, your talent and intellect.

    A huge, tight hug to each of you and may your new year be filled with good health and happiness. That extends to all your loved ones.

    I hope we can look forward to the beginning of peace in Iraq and prosperity for our country. We hold much hope for Mr. Obama. May he not let us down!

  8. Dear Pagan Sphinx - how sweet your post! I love that item about the falling asleep with WP watching TV... It's similar to my own love of falling asleep tucked in on a couch or a cot in a strange room, with all lights out in THAT room, but lights on and voices talking contentedly in another room, but I can;t actually see anyone. I've loved this since my first memory of it, in my grandmother's house in Highland, NY.

    And African Music? I need some help with some good places to get into that. Some suggested fist listens???

    And by awarding this to Linda and I, I feel like we all doubled over it, like those 1930's Labor posters of arms and hands gripping each other around in a strong triangle. Cool. Thanks!


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